Sunday, October 19, 2008

hmmm...I was checking out on Ebay today and found there is a kick back cash back program there. they supplied a link for others to sign up too...i am not sure what this is about but anything with a cash back option sounds good to me!!

KickItBack = Cash Back

Friday, August 8, 2008

I finally remembered my password...maybe now i will be able to post a bit more frequently.....or not...hope springs eternal though. I had hoped to win the lottery yesterday but as I didn't fly to Quebec to buy my ticket i don't seem to have won. I will have to run the ticket through the machine at the lottery center to see if I won anything little on it. I am not usually very lucky so no hurry to go and do that! well, it is late and i need to go to bed to gather the energy to look after the kids tomorrow but now that i have remembered the password i will try and get back soon and update my blog.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Well, I certainly have not been here in a long time. Sometimes life gets in the way of the fun stuff. On February 11 I resumed full time daycare of Dakotah and Jaime as their Mommy went back to her job and maternity leave was over. It has been an experience. Anyone with toddlers knows how much joy and angst they can the course of about 30 seconds...actually it is a lot of hard work. I have been caring for them for 3 months and two weeks now and I can't honestly say it is getting any easier....the days are long.
Dakotah is growing up much to fast these days. The things that come out of her mouth are so funny. the other day her Mom was saying they were going to the parade Saturday and then to Lukas's birthday party....Dakotah looked at us and said "Oh yes, Jaime's little pal's birthday" where on earth had she heard that expression! LOL I use "can you believe it" a lot when talking to her as she responds better to descriptive phrases and now I hear my own words coming back to me!! We finally talked her parents into letting us take her to the Happiest Place on Earth and will be leaving in a few weeks. It will be her first airplane ride. I hope she doesn't get air sick! :) Note to self...pack extra clothes on the plane... I need to start writing some of these notes to self down somewhere as I keep telling myself mentally what we need to take and then forgetting about it like some magic fairy is sitting there listening and packing the stuff for me...I need to remember the only magic fairy around here is ME and if I don't organize and pack it, it will be staying home!! Well, time to get on with my day. it is sunny and warm here today and that in itself is a big treat as the time between days such as this is long...and we have had two in a row so I need to get out and enjoy it!!