Monday, June 25, 2007

I am pretty close to giving up on the blog issue. I have three things in draft mode and none will publish nor is there a publish button in site. I went to the help section, the help boards etc and nothing there is what I am seeing on my screen. I think maybe this is not a hobby I am going to enjoy. It also will not allow me to copy and paste the text I had written. very frustrating.

I had started in my draft by saying that the photo at the top is not my photo. it belongs to my friend Loretta who is a photographer extraodinaire. I tired a dozen different photos stored on my computer and this is the only one that comes on and displays at a somewhat normal and appropriate size.

I still have the desire to share my Canadian Chatties in their Canadian finery as it is our Canada Holiday on July first. So, I will try and insert the photos in this post as I have some control over the size which they will post at. Seems it would make sense that control would be available for the top photo as well? It would make sense to me in any case. Well, here goes, hopefully the photos will post and this doesn't end up as a draft again.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

I was looking for a photo to post at the top of the blog and ran across these wedding photos. I was trying to make the one at the top of the blog smaller but can't figure out how to do that. In any case, back to the wedding photos, they were taken on Friday March 13, 1981 in Honolulu, Hawaii. Pictured in the top photo are my brother Larry, My girlfriend Sally, Hubby's Aunt Pa-ainga (now deceased) hubby's cousin George, My Mom, Me, Hubby, His Auntie Olivia (also now deceased) and Sally's children Cathy, Christopher and Karen. I am wearing a Pikaki lei and hubby has a purple Vanda orchid lei. There wasn't a bouquet for the bride, we followed Hawaiian tradition and went with the leis instead. I have found a few interesting photos so will maybe post and talk of them when I can't think of anything to say!

And last but not least, I must post a photo of my sweet little granddaughter who holds the key to my heart.
And lastly...if anyone has any idea how to rearrange photos once they are uploaded, please teach me how!! Mine are going all over the place regardless of where I directed them to go on upload. Hints or help would be appreciated!!

I Am Not Fond Of Weekends....

Well, it is another Saturday and that means more work on the deck. Is it any wonder I am no longer fond of weekends? I sure do wish this deck project would be over but hubby has grandiose visions that involve gutting my laundry room, enclosing the area under the deck and eventually adding another badly needed washroom. I just want the deck over and done with and don't really care about any of the rest. Today I painted the concrete block retaining walls that will eventually hold this massive structure up with black tar paint. Messy work. Not terribly difficult but time consuming and not something you want to get on you as it is impossible to clean up. Hubby screwed wood with concrete anchors to the top of the retaining walls. And kicked the lawn mower around the yard a few times as it still will not start...stupid thing. Only good thing was, he couldn't get it running either so I don't feel so hopeless having not been successful at starting it all week!!

We started the morning at the bank. Hubby discovered the last three Visa payments I took to the bank for him were not posted to his account. It seems they had recorded the wrong number. Oh how I hate their "paperless" banking system. It is more headaches and problems than useful but we don't have a choice at our bank any longer and it is remaining paperless. The problem, which is a bank error, cannot be fixed until Monday as the department that deals with it is closed until then. I had all the statements that the bank had stamped as "paid" so now they have to figure out where they put the payment as it is not showing up on his bills.

Well, that is all my exciting stuff for the day...see...I am very boring!!

Friday, June 22, 2007

Something New...

Hi and welcome to my blog. I am very new at this and expect I will learn as I go along. My name is Linda and I am a Mother to two grown sons and a Gramma to two adorable grandchildren. In my spare time I enjoy collecting vintage dolls. My favorite doll is a 60's talker by Mattel named Chatty Cathy and a lot of them now live with me. I live with my husband of 26 years and my oldest son. We also have two dogs named Max and Molly who are a big part of our lives. Max is a Llhasa Apso Bichon Frise cross and 6 years old and Molly is a Bichon Frise and is 7 years old. We all reside on the "wet" coast of Canada.