Wednesday, January 18, 2012


In December we experienced so much rain we almost needed to build an Ark and the temperatures were unseasonably warmer than usual. Alas that has now changed but one night late last month my son came home from work and called me to come outside as something was perched on the electrical wires outside our sundeck...or maybe rain deck at that time! I have never seen an owl in our neighborhood before and I don't think I had ever seen one this close before! He sat on that wire in the torrential rain for the longest time.

Unfortunately January is bringing us frigid cold temperatures, the weatherman on the news says this is the coldest we will have been in many years over the next few days. With the wind chill factor, they say we could be at -20 C. tonight and we have had that dreaded "S" word come down a few feels like we have moved to the Arctic! That song "Baby It's Cold Outside" keeps going through my head!