Monday, March 30, 2009


It is not quite raining yet but close... Jaime and I went to the bank and to Costco while Dakotah was in school earlier and it was raining there. Yesterday was a beautiful day, I even sat out on the sun deck and managed to get a bit of a burn. Today we are back to our frigid, cold, damp type of days. I wonder if spring will ever really come. I did notice some of the plants around town are starting to open and bloom. My daffodils are close also but they should be wearing jackets as it is bitter out again. The above photo is of the lovely hanging baskets in the town I live in...of course they are not up yet but I can't wait until they are. They are spectacularly gorgeous. Each year I contemplate taking the course the city offers with their gardeners but each year something comes up and I don't go. One day!



Saturday, March 28, 2009


You can kind of tell it has been a busy week as I see I haven't posted once since the last Pink Saturday! Once again thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting this event each Saturday. A link can be found on my sidebar!

This is a sweet little tea cup. It is actually quite tiny. Maybe a demitasse cup size. About 25 years ago we lived next to a couple who had been through the Holocaust and survived. They kept to themselves in their tiny run down rental home and most of the neighborhood kind of ignored them. My kids were quite young at the time and the lady took a great liking to my oldest son. He would often disappear and of course we would find him at their house...drinking hot milk which he never drank at home from this cup with the pretty pink rose on it. Eventually we moved to where we are now but before we left the lady gave my son his tea cup as a memory.

This little china cow might not look like much in pictures but she has a prominent spot in my china cupboard as she is one of the only things I have left from my deceased Grandma. I have no idea where she got it from, probably a five and dime store somewhere. It has pink ears and a pink tuft of fur on it's head and also, although white, there is a pink shine to it. and the neatest part is the eyes...they are pink rhinestones that glisten!
The grand kids and I went to the mall yesterday for an outing and happened upon this cutie in the Disney store there. Minnie has pink bunny slippers, a pink dress and even pink bunny ears as well as her traditional mouse ears. My granddaughter just had to bring her home!

I am going to end my post this week with a picture from my front flower bed...they weathered the snow, the frost, the rain and the hail, as you can see by their poor damaged leaves, but my bright pink primrose flowers have survived!! It is a welcome breathe of spring time! I hope the weather soon feels like spring too! Happy Pink Saturday and thanks for stopping by!

Friday, March 20, 2009


These Saturday's seem to keep coming faster and faster!!! I always heard time seems to go quicker as one gets older and I do believe it is so!! I missed last Pink Saturday as I was away at a doll show in Washington state...such fun! Scroll down to Thursday's entry for the story of that outing if you are interested in knowing more! Thanks once again to Beverly of "How Sweet The Sound" for hosting the Pink Saturday event and if you are interested in taking part or viewing the entries for this week, please click on the Pink Saturday link on my sidebar and it should take you to Beverly's site and the list of this weeks participants! On our trip to Washington State I took a few "pink" pictures to share.
First picture up is a store we found in Bellis Fair Mall in Bellingham Washington!! Note the store's name....perfect for the day!!
We found this "pink" Barbie in a Target store in Bellis Fair...she was only 10.00 but we both resisted the urge to buy her!

This cutie dressed all in pink came home with me...another blast from the past....and she still works! When you move her arm she cries.

This is a MIB Tutti doll from my fact I once owned a doll just like this!! She is dressed in a pink jammie outfit and came with her sweet little bed!! If you click on the picture, I believe it will become larger so you can see her better. This lovely little dolly was $220.00 but the dealer said I could buy her for $170.00....I had to pass and make due with a photo as that was a bit high for my budget!! The dealer did kindly arrange her in the box so I could take a better picture. This fellow was very obliging. Some of the dealers at the doll show got very annoyed if you took a photo of their wears...why I am not sure....

This is Loretta (House Of Houben blog spot) and I with our newly found treasures...probably within the first 10 minutes of our arrival. Loretta found a Saucy Walker doll with perfect coloring and even still with her blush on and I found a Chatty Cathy. I am wearing my favorite color...PINK!

Lots of pink to behold in the picture below...lots of vintage dolls represented in this table full of dollies!

This "pretty in pink" doll came home with me, she is a German made Gotz doll and is quite large.

This vision in Pink is a "Ginny" doll and oh my yes, she also came home with me, I couldn't resist her in her "all in pink" beauty! I do not know much about Ginny dolls but I know Betty over at dayreamnworld blogspot collects them and I am sure she will let me know what she thinks of my new and first Ginny!
Well, that is it for this week, folks, thanks for stopping by and Happy Pink Saturday!

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Seattle Space Needle

I can't believe it has almost been two weeks since I last posted. Life has gotten in the way lately it seems. I have been busy with kids and spring cleaning...sort of...and I had a delightful interlude last weekend when my girlfriend Loretta and I were lucky enough to have her hubby drive us to Tacoma Washington to the first doll show we have ever attended. It was a wonderful break. We shopped at various locations in Washington State on the way down and I must say, shopping in the US is so much fun!! I found some incredible buys on children's clothing for the little guy. I was also amazed to note the recession does not seem to be prevalent in Washington state as everywhere we went we found shoppers with baskets overflowing and the stores seemed to be full of eager shoppers.

Comfort Inn Tacoma

We finally made our way to our hotel in Tacoma about 6:30 pm or so. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and we were very comfortable...LOL... It turned out to be a really nice place for a hotel break. We arrived about the time the staff was laying out cookies in the lobby for the guests. They had complimentary chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and macadamia nut chocolate chip. Still warm from the oven...num...num...nothing like fresh baked cookies and milk!! Later that night we swam in the indoor pool. The temperature could have been a few degrees was a rather brisk swim as the water was so chilly. But that was the only complaint I could make. Breakfast was also complimentary in the morning and featured a wide array of choices from bagels, toast and muffins to cold cereal, eggs and waffles you made yourself. There was also fruit and coffee, tea and various juices available.

My buddy Loretta at the breakfast tables at the Comfort Inn

Puyallip Doll Show!
My new Chatty from the doll show all dressed up and cleaned up

Following our meal we made our way to the doll show. What a vision to many dolls all in one place. I saw a lot of the Barbie related toys I had when I was young. It was a walk down memory lane for me. I bought a few items too. The prices varied widely but I did find a Chatty to buy for a project I want to do and she was a good price.
Mitzels Restaurant
Pretty Pansies blooming outside Mitzel's Restaurant

Snow was once again in the forecast so after eating an excellent late lunch at Mitzel's, we headed back north. We stopped a couple of times along the way and I arrived home about 7:30 pm. It was a wonderful adventure shared by friends!!

Flowers blooming in Puyallup, Washington

Friday, March 6, 2009


Welcome to Pink Saturday and thanks so much to Beverly from "How Sweet The Sound" for hosting this event each week. I can't imagine how much work she goes through to get all the participants lined up and their links published to her blog for everyone to go and visit!! If you click on the "Pink Saturday" link on the right side bar you will find your way to Beverly's Blog and the list of participants!

My first picture for this weeks posting arrived home from preschool today. It is a picture made by my granddaughter of the flowering Japanese cherry trees that will be blooming here in our area soon....(weather permitting). They make a glorious show for a brief period of time before the rains and winds start and blow all the blossoms off. The children did a lovely job placing the pink blossoms on their trees. Dakotah brought this home as a gift for her Uncle Ben who had asked her to make him a picture at school. She proudly gave it to him and he will probably frame it and put it up in his office at work.
If you scroll down a bit, I have more pink photos to view. I haven't quite figured out how to move photos around in any way other than to publish each photo and story piece separately!!

My lovely Chatty girls are displaying two coffee mugs my Mom once gave me for my birthday. They are made by Royal Minster and are labelled "fine bone china made in England". One has pale pink roses front and back and even has one painted inside. The other mug is made by the same maker and is similar except the roses are a darker pink. Very pretty!

As this is Linda's "Chatty" Blog, I thought maybe I would include a picture of some of my Chatties dressed up pretty in pink! The blond doll is an American Hard face pigtail Chatty and was one of the first I ever bought...actually I think she was number two at the beginning of my doll collecting hobby. She is wearing a gorgeous dress made by Rose and given to me by Toni in a swap last year. I love it's pink frothiness. The doll in the middle is a Canadian Brunette Pigtail doll and she is wearing a stunning pink creation made by a lady named Sandy whom I had as a swap partner last Christmas. The doll on the right is the first Chatty I bought as an adult. I bought her from a seller in Florida, she arrived in a record 5 days and so my collecting obsession began...she is an early doll, what is called a prototype and she has the baby face of some of the very early Chatty dolls. She is wearing a dress made by penparchment on Ebay and given to me by a friend for winning a trivia contest one time.


These adorable slippers are my granddaughter's new kitty cat slippers...she loves them and I think they are pretty darling too!
And while you are browsing the Pink Saturday blogs, wander over to visit Tristan at his, he is having his first blog give a way in honor of having 50 followers of his blog and of course, his give a way is PINK!! In honor of Pink Saturday!!

Thursday, March 5, 2009


While looking for my special doggie cookie cutter in the cupboard the other day, I ran across a bag of old memories. When one of my son's was young, he had a Sesame Street birthday cake and I had saved the cake toppers from it. There in the cupboard over the stove where my little used baking supplies are kept, was the bag with Bert and Ernie, Cookie Monster and Big Bird. While some things change, others stay the same and children today seem to enjoy Sesame Street and the characters as much as they did when my kids were little. The doggie biscuit cookie cutter was another memory. Amazingly I had remembered it was up there. I had never baked dog cookies before but I had the cookie cutter from when my kids were young. They used to have Scholastic Book Fairs at their elementary school and one year one of the boys had chosen to buy a Clifford The Big Red Dog book and it came with a dog biscuit cookie cutter which I stored away in the baking cupboard for future reference.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


While I was in baking mode on Saturday night, I also put together a recipe for dog cookies that a friend recently shared with is the story of the Dog Cookies:

Once upon a time there were three little white dogs….one day long after Christmas was over, their Mummy went off to a “Christmas Tea” at Auntie Retta’s house. We were sad to see her go and we didn’t at all like the fact she was taking a brightly wrapped package for “another” dog with her…it was bad enough for Max and Molly that their cousin Emily had come to live and they had to give up space and food to her but now Mummy was running off with presents for yet another dog…we really didn’t understand why the toy and mummy couldn't’t stay here…I mean we only have about 300 toys around here…sigh… But many hours later Mummy returned with a pretty red box and it smelled sooo good…yum yum…we could hardly wait for her to get in the door so we could see what was in that special red box. Mummy told us they were special cookies Auntie Retta made and that Kelsie had given us for Christmas…boy did we think that Kelsie was a lucky dog having a Mummy who actually cooked for her instead of ours who spends her days wiping runny noses, changing smelly diapers and yelling at fighting, whiny kids…that is in the times she isn’t sitting in the corner banging her head against the wall…we think poor Mummy must have an itchy head or something banging it on that wall all the time. Well…tonight we were lounging around the living room when we noticed a “different” smell coming from the kitchen…Mummy was cooking something and it smelled soo GOOD….about a million hours later, Mummy shut the oven door and took out the last batch of “Kelsie” cookies…we were so impressed with her and we managed to even con Uncle Ben into giving us some while Mummy was in the shower…num…num…now we don’t mind if Mummy goes and visits that “other” dog if she comes home and cooks us treats like she brought from that house!!


I finally made the cookies from Mimi's blog. I gathered the ingredients a couple of weeks ago but finally got the chance to try them out on Saturday night. My hubby just loves them and they are actually reasonably healthy for you as they are full of oatmeal and raisins. Here is a link to her blog, she often shares a recipe or two