Thursday, March 25, 2010


In response to a comment on my last post, re the Peace Arch, I went looking for information. On the night of the opening of the Olympics, I watched NBC not realizing we had live coverage in real time on our local TV station...duh, I can be dumb sometimes:) Well, I saw a video clip done by Tom Brokaw explaining Canada to the US. I seemed to be the only one who did see this clip of the people I know and have been looking for it since then and I managed to find it on someone else's blog tonight and went looking for the source and it turns out it is on Utube. Please view it as it explains Canada/US relations much better than I could ever hope to. Increase the clip to full screen to view it best. Thanks to the lady whose blog I found it on, she is here

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

White Rock

We had an unexpectedly nice day on Sunday so we headed down to White Rock. There are lots of pretty spring flowers blooming!

The tide was out so there was a lot of sand showing. At high tide the water comes way up to the bottom of this picture!

That big white thing in the background is the Peace Arch. It marks the border of Canada and the USA. The gates on the Peace Arch are always open. If they were ever closed, it would mean there is trouble between the two countries. They have been open as long as I have been on earth and hopefully will always be open.

This cheeky scavenger also known as a seagull is waiting for unsuspecting diners to bring their fish and chips to eat on the beach so he can swoop down and try to steal some dinner!

ME and my friend the grizzly long as he is made of stone, he is my friend! A live one wouldn't be much fun to meet up with!!
These bright and cheery banners are up all over the place and I assume they were put up in recognition of the Olympics. the Paralympics ended the day we were at the beach and from all I have heard in the press, the games were a huge success!!
The train tracks separate the beach from the rest of the town and wouldn't you know it, we were on the other side when I spotted this huge train barrelling down the tracks! We, as well as a lot of others made a run for it and got across before it came so we could go home! It was a lovely day trip! And as we made our way to our car, the rain started to fall!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

"Mabel’s Labels BlogHer ‘10 Contest".

The task is to write an entry in 300 words or less to telling of your passions etc as an electrical storm will be wiping out the Internet possibly forever.

I have many passions, I like to sew...for dolls! I didn't have any girl children so I adopted a number of dolls (actually I have quite a family of them but I am not telling how many for fear you might thing I am crazy!) and I like to sew pretty things for them. Of course the styles I sew would probably not interest today's little girls in any case, as I love to make pretty and frilly things! Another passion of mine is to travel. I haven't gotten very far, but have spent many a happy at Disneyland and I used to live in Hawaii. I also like to read, a lot. My favorite summer activities include worshipping the sun and gardening. If an electrical storm were to wipe out the Internet I would be kind of lost as I have made a lot of wonderful friends in far off places through the Internet. The Internet is a wonderful thing! It brings people together we would otherwise have never known. And it allows me to find all kinds of crazy things people are selling on on line sales sites. Things we just can't live without....potato chips with pictures of everything from Jesus to Jay Leno on them, Kleenex famous stars have wiped their faces with, old toys like smurfs and Care Bears and almost anything else you can think of and many things you never dreamed of!! I also like to take pictures and am in awe of the wonderful invention of digital cameras! Imagine taking as many pictures as you want and not having boxes of blurry, black pictures to go through!! Being able to view and discard the awful stuff is wonderful! So, in a nutshell, that is me!
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