Saturday, April 25, 2009


Well it is once again pink Saturday and once again i didn't sign up due to my time being severely limited with children and their activities. I am going to try and locate a few pictures for my friends who visit, though. I read my friend Loretta's over that the Houseof houben (link on my sidebar) post for pink Saturday and decided to continue on her theme as I have no creativity left in me at the moment. The first photo is of the Happiest Place on least for big kids...the little ones seem to spend a lot of time crying while their parents try to convince them they are having the time of their lives..haha
Right near the castle is Snow White's area where there is a display of gorgeous hand made figurines on display of the seven dwarfs...I think they were donated by France but I could be wrong as it is past my bedtime and my head isn't working well. This is the wishing well that talks and sings to you when you throw coins into it.
Doesn't get much pinker than the tea granddaughter dearly wanted to go on them but my stomach wouldn't have survived. Luckily, they have a photo op tea cup set up that doesn't spin so she got to sit in it for a picture.
This is a very special carousel horse. It was commissioned for Disneyland's 50th birthday and dedicated to Julie granddaughter picked it out as the prettiest horse there and had to ride it and while she was, a couple of Disney history buffs came over and told me she had good taste and explained the history of the horse.
The dedication plates on the horse.
The flowers at our gorgeous hotel! Awesome, pretty and pink! Happy Pinkie day everyone and do visit Beverly at How Sweet the Sound (link in sidebar) who hosts this weekly event and has a list of people participating! thanks for dropping by! And please wander over to the houseofhouben for more Anaheim area pink photos! link also in my sidebar!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Barrel Of Monkey's

When I was young, my dad had a boat...actually truth be known it was a 40 foot yacht named the Nauti Gal IV. It was a custom boat built by Thorton Grenfell. It had teak decks, a wooden hull and was really a beautiful vessel. However, being a young teenager, going away every weekend became old rather quickly. In those days there were no computers...imagine that! We had a tiny black and white TV that was powered by a battery pack but unfortunately, we would set sail to the Gulf Islands and there was not much reception for TV in those parts. Sooo...we would listen to a radio mystery program on the radio in the late evenings and we would play games. I became very good at cribbage and other card games. Then a game called Barrel of Monkey's came out. It was perfect for travelling as it didn't take up any room to speak of and we all seemed to have a lot of fun with it so it lived on the boat. While at a friends house today, she gave me Barrel of Monkey's to bring home for the kids to play with. I am sure they are going to have a lot of fun with it! I have a lot of boating stories in my head...there were some good times and some not so good the time we came upon really dense fog and my Dad sent my girlfriend and I to the bow to watch for stuff in the water ....kind of boring for awhile until all of a sudden we noticed through the fog that we were almost about to hit an island....luckily we saw it in time to reverse. And another time we were fishing near Robert's Bank Super Port and there was a car top boat not too far away also fishing. A whale surfaced within feet of the car top boat and came very close to capsizing it....however, the guys fishing in the boat had no idea how close they came to being in the water as they had their backs to the whale.... And then there was the time the boat had been in Vancouver to be winterized and on a nice clear day, a friend took us into town to bring her back. We drove all over to check the water and it was clear as ice. So we boarded and headed for home. There comes a point on a voyage where you reach what they call "the point of no return"...which in boating language it meant it was just as far to go back as it was to go forward. Shortly after we reached that point, we observed up ahead of us a wall of was like steering into a tidal wave. And of course then we hit it....we later found out it was a following sea. We had to go forward at that point but the sea was wicked. I had a friend on board who became very sea sick and went to the forward bunks to lay down. Well, after we had been riding the waves for awhile, all of a sudden there was smoke coming from the engine room. the sea was so rough, my Mom couldn't steer it as she wasn't strong enough to keep us on coarse and keep us from capsizing so my dad couldn't go and check why there was smoke coming from the engine room. We had a radio telephone and for some reason, the only voice that carried over the air waves was mine so I called in a May Day to the marine operator. They said we should veer over and tie up to the super port. We headed over there but the pilings were huge, meant for tankers and not 40 foot boats and we couldn't even get close to it as it is concrete and the sea would have crushed us into it. So I called Vancouver Marine operator again and I can still hear her voice as she said "Nauti Gal IV are you still in distress" and I yelled "yes". She said the hovercraft was on it's way. Now, of course, by sending us to the Super port we were in the way of the BC ferry so the marine operator called the ferry terminal and told them to hold all the ferries until they could get to us. They did thank goodness. About this time my Mom decided if search and rescue was coming we should at least be wearing life jackets so she went down to the forward cabin where my friend was still half dead being sea sick and she started rooting through the hatch to get out life jackets and it seemed like every one she came across was a child size so she was throwing them onto the bunks willy nilly and searching for adult ones. She finally found 4 of them and she left the cabin and shut the door. My friend later told us that he thought we were abandoning ship and leaving him behind because he was seasick. It became the biggest joke for years. We had never had this friend on the boat with us before and he swore before we left he never got seasick. I guess he was just showing off because a friend of ours whose boat he did go on regularly later told us this guy got sick every time he went near a boat...LOL...In any case, the search and rescue folks arrived. They guided us into the ferry terminal. My Mom and I were on deck with the lines and fenders and she yelled to me" had you lived one more month, you would have been 16"....The date was November 22 and my 16th birthday would have been and was December 22. We eventually were tied up with lines between the ferry docks...the captain of the ferry actually threw down lines to us and the hovercraft took lines from the other side and tied us to pillars so we were somehow in the middle in open water but tied between pillars without actually touching anything. And there we stayed until the next day. The ferry was finally allowed to leave the port and although most of the food had been taken off the boat when it went into the city to be winterized, my Mom had brought a roast along to cook on the way home for dinner that night when we got home so she cooked the roast for us and managed to find a can of potato's and a can of corn in one of the cupboards so we didn't starve. Once the boat was secured, my Dad went down to the engine room and found the smoke that was coming from there was from water we had been taking on faster than the bilge pumps could clear out and it was hitting the hot engine parts and that was where the smoke had come from. We weren't on fire which was what had been originally feared.... I have a lot of boating stories...maybe I will share more another time..... There is a picture of the Nauti Gal IV around here somewhere. I will try and remember to look for it and post it at some point. Oh...and one more interesting thing about that trip, we later found out that a few days earlier the same thing had happened to another boat that we sometimes travelled with. It was a 50 foot yacht and they ended up suspended between the pilings at the ferry terminal too and then the week after our adventure, they were bringing dredging equipment to Crescent Beach which was our home port (they did this every couple of years as the channel through to the marina was only 30 feet wide at low tide and sand bars were everywhere so they would dredge it out to keep us all off of the sandbars (another story for another time...LOL). Anyways, the dredging barge ended up suspended to the exact same pillars over night too.... I am sure the search and rescue folks were glad when we were all tied up in our boathouses in our home port for the winter...LOL

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I didn't get a chance to email Beverly at How Sweet the Sound and the host of "Pink Saturdays" this week so I won't be on the list. Just in case anyone stops by, I am putting a few "pink" pictures on. I didn't have time to do anything creative this week at all!

Driving around today we found oodles and oodles of pink trees in bloom so I stopped to take a few pictures here and there.

The pink hyacinths at the Community Centre are gorgeous!

These VERY pink boots were at Winners Store...aren't they adorable?Happy Pink Saturday to all who are participating today! There is a link on my sidebar for Beverly's website and the list!
I haven't had any time to post this week. The kids have kept me very busy with their activities. One day we even managed to go for a very long walk as the weather was decent. Flowers are blooming everywhere! It is just gorgeous outside. I took a few pictures at the community center today...the flowers are stunning. Later in the day I noticed the tulips in Burnaby, the next town over from me, are about to bloom.

Friday, April 10, 2009


Thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog! Happy Pink Saturday before Easter and thanks to Beverly at How Sweet The Sound for sponsoring this event each week. Please stop by her blog to find the links to the other participants in this weeks event. A link can be found on the sidebar that will take you to Beverly's site!
The chicks and bunnies are all excited that Easter is coming!
This is my granddaughter Easter basket...I haven't filled it up properly yet as she is staying here overnight and I don't want her to see her Easter surprises yet. The sweet little Easter bunny above was a gift for her from a dear friend a couple of years ago and above it is a bunny and below it is a doll, the head covering pulls back to reveal the doll head! Very cute!
Last week I showed some nifty boots and this week is "hat" week, we have the Princess hat with Mickey ears from Disneyland, another cute pink hat with Disney characters on it, a tiara and my granddaughter's newest hat, a bright pink hat with a butterfly on it from The Children's Place store!

Next I have some of our pink menagerie to show off...we have lots of pink stuffies around here!

And once my pink princess has her pink finery on, she often will take her pink unicorn for a ride wearing her pink cowboy hat!

Next I have some dainty china given to me by my Mom. She was married in 1945 and this was her first china. It is Colclough bone china from England. The company was founded in 1890. This pattern is blue with small pink roses all over it and has gold trim.

These pretty pink hyacinths mixed with grape hyacinths are located in a neighbors pretty and such a welcome sight after our long winter!

And finally the pink Cherry trees are blooming in our neighborhood!!

HAPPY PINK SATURDAY AND I HOPE EVERYONE HAS A HAPPY EASTER! Thanks for stopping by and I hope to visit your blogs this week and see all your pretty pinkness!

Easter Photos From the Past

I am not very good at scanning....but I found a baby album of mine my Mom gave me awhile back and I took pictures of a couple of the pictures in it from childhood Easter's.

The picture above would have been Easter 1959. My brother would have been about 9 months old and I would have been 4 years old. My Mom is holding my brother.

This is my Dad and I. I would have been three in this photo.I even have a purse and headband to match my smart powder blue Easter outfit. In the "olden" days, we always had a new matching outfit for Easter. The slide in the background was later used in our wading pools...we would rocket down it will the hose turned onto it into the wading pool....what fun!

Also if you have a look at my sidebar, you will see a new childhood photo added. I was wearing a dress I wore when I was a flower girl in one of my cousins weddings. I have a gold bracelet on which was my gift from the bride for being in the wedding party. It was a busy year or so, I was a flower girl 3 times!

Thursday, April 9, 2009


We had a couple of very nice days this week. No snow, rain, sleet, slush or wind... The temperature was even somewhat warm...well for here anyways! Yesterday it was threatening to rain so the kids and I went out on a picture taking expedition to try and take some flower pictures around the neighborhood before the water turns all the flower petals into mush...

This photo was taken outside of our local school just up the street from us.

These grape hyacinths were growing wild in a lawn at a house a few doors down from the school. Dakotah really wanted to pick herself a bouquet but I talked her into leaving them there for others to enjoy as well.

The lady up at the corner had quite a few blooming beauties in her flower beds!

This stunning clump of daffodils was found on the corner of 23rd and Ninth very pretty!And then we walked home to our house...and yes...while I was snapping the photo, she finally succumbed and picked a flower...I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw her holding just the head of the flower...and I wonder where she put it...I haven't seen it since now that I think of it!I see a little hand in this shot too...the temptation was just too much for her, I guess! LOL

My daffodils are now in full bloom too! Yeah!!!

April 4th Birthdays

Last Saturday was a very special day! My Mom turned 83 years old...6 years ago this fall we wondered if she would live until Christmas following a trek from the fifth floor of her condo via the stairs to the lobby at ground level, after a false fire alarm which caused her heart to go into arrhythmia and her oxygen levels to deplete. After more than 4 years on continuous oxygen, a new drug was tried in the form of an inhaler twice a day and voila, she has been off of continuous oxygen for more than a year. And whats more, she is doing really well! Happy Birthday, Mom...may you continue to enjoy good health and be here for many more years!

April 4th is also the birthday of my friend Loretta's hubby Robert and last Saturday he turned the BIG 50! We were invited to their home to help him celebrate his big day with funny cards, presents and of course...CAKE!! I found some of the sweetest cookies while shopping at Costco. I just knew Loretta would love them and she did! Happy Birthday Robert!

Friday, April 3, 2009


Well, we made it through another week and have arrived at Pink Saturday...I am scrambling lately to come up with pink things. I have a house full of pink stuff but I struggle to find stuff people other than me would like to see. Thanks to Beverly at How Sweet the Sound for hosting this weekly event and to find out the other participants, please click on the link in my sidebar and you will be taken to Beverly's site and the list for this week!

When my friend and I went to Tacoma a few weeks back, we stopped at Pier One Imports where I found this darling pink Polk -a -dotted umbrella for my granddaughter. She loves it. It also could go with the boots I bought myself following our awful snowfalls when I found my feet to be soaking wet constantly trudging through snow banks. Of course, as Murphy's Law suggests would happen, we haven't had enough accumulations since then for the boots but it is the rainy since here on the "wet" coast so I am prepared for whatever comes now in my spiffy boots with pink flowers all over them!

This pretty cream and sugar set was given to me by my brother a few years back for Christmas. The pattern is called "Golden Emblem". On the bottom of the pieces it says "Paragon, by appointment to HM the Queen & HM Queen Mary" fine bone china, England. I think it is pretty old.

This very pretty and very pink and luminescent book and pen are my granddaughter souvenirs from our trip to Disneyland with her last June. It doesn't get much pinker than this book is in person! She has it filled with autographs and pictures of the Disney Princess's! I thought we had all the princess pictures and autographs but I was reading an article today that said Disney will be adding another Princess to their roster on Christmas Day this year. Her name is Princess Tiana and she will be starring in their upcoming animated movie titled "The Princess and the Frog"....hmmmm....I bet my granddaughter will feel the need to go back to Disneyland to get the autograph and picture of the newest princess!! Not that she really needs an excuse, she talks about and longs for Disneyland and California constantly. It was a big hit with her! She must take after her grandmother as that is one of my favorite places to go also!

With Easter just being around the corner, I am going to end my Pink Saturday offerings this week with the pretty pink "Peeps" I found at a store yesterday! Usually I see them as yellow chicks so when I found these "pink" bunnies and the fact it was the only package of pink ones left, I just knew they were meant to come home with me! Princess Ariel, who is pretty in pink, is standing guard over them so I don't eat them all before the big day! Happy Pink Saturday everyone and thanks for stopping by my blog this week!

Jaime's First Day of Playschool

Today was Jaime's first day of two year old "school"...actually arts and crafts with parent participation. He was very nervous for the first little while, burying his face in my pant legs when anyone looked at him but after awhile he had it figured out and was happy to play along side other kids which is what this age group tends to do. They don't much play together at two but as long as they are along side of one another and content, all is good!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, it seems as though it could be a good April Fool's joke but I am not is once again snowing here on the supposedly "wet" coast. Mother nature is playing a cruel joke on us. What a winter we have had...just when we think it can't possibly get worse ...."surprise" does! My daffodils are starting to bloom...I hope they don't freeze to death!!