Friday, October 23, 2009

Memories of Yesterday's Long Gone.....

Yesterday my friend Loretta took me on a field trip to downtown Vancouver. I will post more on that outing later but when I drove home from her house later in the day I passed my elementary school and thought to myself I should take a picture but alas it was traffic time and not great weather so I didn't stop. When I got to the next street, however, my memories got the best of me and I turned down and drove to the house I grew up in. It is the second house from the end of a cul de sac and I didn't want to appear like some kind of crazed stalker so I just took the one picture from the car. When we lived in this house, many decades ago, it was brand new. On the right hand side behind the tree branches is another window and that was my bedroom growing up. The tree that is blocking the window was a tiny shoot that became about 8 feet tall and resembled a Christmas tree by the time we moved...Look at it now!! The house looked so much bigger when I was little...funny how that works!

Sunday, October 18, 2009


Heidi over at Fairy footprints in the Sand is offering some very cool gadgets falling snow except being the very computer literate person I am (NOT....LOL) I can't get the snow to fall on this blog...I probably put the code in the wrong place... But I think I did get the very lovely Fall Pumpkin to show is at the bottom of my blog or close to the bottom because it was too wide for the side where I wanted it and of course I don't know how to fix that either so I moved it....

Anyways, here is where you can find her new site

And while you are visiting, maybe stop by her main blog for her Magical Disney Sunday event and a list of the other participants. Click on Tinkerbell in my sidebar and it should take you to Heidi's site and the Disney Magic!

Friday, October 16, 2009


Thanksgiving flowers from the kids for me!

Well, Thanksgiving came and went in our little corner of the world. It seems like a long time since we have had turkey and I guess it really has been. The family gathered as well as one of my older sons friends and we all had a lovely Thanksgiving dinner.


October 15, 2009

The chatties are giving thanks too!

Life of Faith doll Laylie and American Girl Kirsten (whom is going to the A/G archives soon!)In the photo above, Chatty and Molly are posing on Loretta's front porch in front of her wonderful display of chrysanthemums...if you look really closely, there is a tub of begonias in full bloom peeking out from behind the front planter! Amazing for these parts in October to have them so healthy and lovely still!

In the lower picture, Isabelle's Chatties in yellow were happy to come to tea as were American Girl Molly and the Chatty Girls!
Loretta's American Girls Molly and Emily were modelling their spiffy twirl skirt outfits Loretta made for them...aren't they just the cutest things?

On Thursday Of this week my friend Loretta (from the House of Houben blogspot) invited her sister Leona, another doll buddy Isabelle and myself to one of her fabulous teas. We haven't had one for quite some time due to our very warm summer and then the ongoing construction nightmare taking place next to the House of Houben (see Loretta's blog for details!) Despite the hammering and drilling going on next door, we all had a great time but I can certainly sympathize and understand why Loretta feels the need to escape her place for awhile each day!! I will attach a few photos from the tea...Loretta does up the best tea parties around...and as you can probably see by the table, you never leave hungry! Happy Pink Saturday for any of the "pinkies" stopping by....I am kind of focused on the lovely fall colors at the moment but will be back to pinkness soon!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Heidi over at Fairy Footprints in the Sand has started a new event called "Magical Disney Sunday's" which sounds like a lot of fun for Disneyholics like myself!! As soon as I get a bit of free time I am going to try and participate because as most of you have already guessed, Disney is a particular favorite of mine! If you follow the link which I have also added to my sidebar you can hop on over to Heidi's blog and get her list of participants for her new event which I hope will be a great success!