Friday, August 21, 2009


Today I have some lovely pink plumeria blossoms. We had three of these trees in our backyard when we lived in Hawaii. These are great flowers to make flower leis from. I got quite proficient at making them when we lived there as there were many visitors who came to see us and we would make them leis from the flowers on our trees. There is also a yellow variety that is equally as pretty. We had a yellow tree also. These flowers are very fragrant.
The flowers above are just gorgeous. I am not sure of their name but they came as a potted plant.
OK, thanks to Dottydotty in the UK, the plant has been identified as
cyclamen! Thanks Dotty. And you can view dottydotty's pink blog here:

This bouquet looks reddish in the picture but is actually shocking pink in person. My brother bought them for my Mom for her dining room table. She loves to have flowers on the table.

And last up today is a pretty in pink photo of my baby niece Analecia. She is such a little cutie. She was born April 4th on her grandma, my mother's birthday.
Happy Pink Saturday, everyone and for those of you interested in more gorgeous photos of everything you can possibly imagine in pink, please visit our hostess Beverly's blog at How Sweet the Sound. The link is in my sidebar. Thanks for visiting and also for all those comments last week, thanks to you I had a smile all week as I not only beat my 30 comment personal best record, but I received 40 comments! Wow!
Beverly's home work assignment was to visit and post the link of a blog of someone else who is participating on Pink Saturday...there were just way too many to choose from last week and all were outstanding but here is one I marked to put the link in for:
All the blogs are worth visiting so have fun and go out and look at some fabulous "pink" blogs!"
And while you are in blog land, there is a giveaway on this site to celebrate this ladies 100th post so stop by and see her also!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Precious Moments and More

Minnie welcomed me to her house in Toontown! And I was happy to go in and have fun with all her interactive things inside!
The is the All-American College marching band
I always so enjoy seeing this very talented musicians.
I am not sure of this band leaders name but I have seen him many times over the years conducting the All-American College Band. From the website, this is what it says about the very talented group:
"This program has been a Disneyland Resort tradition since 1971 and gives top college musicians from all around the United States the opportunity to perform and learn about the entertainment industry first-hand through performance at a Disney Theme Park and clinics with world-renown artists and experiences in nearby Hollywood.
The 21-piece All-American College Band performs at the Disneyland Resort in California for eleven weeks each summer. If selected, you would perform five-days-a-week at Disneyland Park and attend daily clinics/rehearsals each morning. The daily performance schedule consists of five sets: one on stage in a big band/jazz format and the remaining four as a marching/show band."
As a side note, I tired to find out the conductors name and I believe this is him...if I am wrong, please feel free to correct me, I think the band is under the direction of Dr. Ron McCurdy. Dr. McCurdy is currently Chairman of the Jazz Studies Department and Professor of Music in the Thornton School of Music at the University of Southern California.

Precious Moments
The following group of photos is of the Precious Moments Figurines I looked at in one of the shops on Main Street. My daughter in law collects Precious Moments however they are all currently stored until the kids get a little older...or maybe a lot older...I thought I would take a few photos of these ones for her to look at.
To commemorate "It's A Small World"

This one is entitled "Where Dreams Come True"
To commemorate the tea cup ride in Fantasyland

Riding Dumbo!

The Sorcerers Apprentice

And who doesn't remember the catchy song "Come along and sing the song And join the jamboree! M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E" Above are two little Precious Moment Mouseketeer's

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

American Girl Place LA

This very special day started early as we were celebrating Loretta's birthday!
Here is the birthday girl on the lanai at the hotel with her birthday goodies!

We then set out for A/G Place at The Grove. Along the way we passed this spectacular tree which thanks to "twitter", Robert found out was a Jacaranda tree. They were in bloom everywhere and so very pretty!

Anyone who knows me knows I love palm trees, this one was on the way too!

ohhhh....we are getting close!

More palm trees as seen from the freeway in our car!

The corner before we got there!

This, believe it or not, is taken in the washroom at the parking lot of The Grove.

Loretta and Robert as we exited the parking lot.

Some little girls getting ready for their visit to A/G Place

A lovely wall mural on our way through The Grove

Big posters of Harry Potter decorated the lamp posts

Me at a fountain along the way

The street we walked down

An impressive statue

We ate in the cafe in the store and this is the appetizer

This cutie is Gwen who sat with us for lunch and was given her very own tea cup

Lunch time!

The main course!

Loretta and Rebecca enjoying some friendly chit chat during lunch

It is Loretta's birthday so her desert was served with a candle and chorus of Happy Birthday!

Desert is a sugar cookie, tiny cake and a flower pot of chocolate mousse

Hooks to hang your dolls in the restroom

Chrissa doll of the year in her A/G place exclusive apron

table talkers on the table and doll sized tea cup

me outside of the front entrance

dolls of the year from years gone by

Loretta checking out the stock and what to purchase...too many choices...

such cute stuff to buy! So hard to choose!

but, choose we did as the packages in front of us show!

Loretta checking out the clothes at Forever 21

All too soon it is time to head back to Anaheim

Look at these sunflowers in a yard we passed on our way back to the freeway!

Emily and Gwen decided they were coming home with me and donned their shopping bags to carry home some of their treasures!

hmmm...where are our seat belts anyways????

Emily's twin came home with Loretta, here she is arriving back at the hotel!

And here we are with our new girls back at the hotel, what a wonderful adventure we had!