Sunday, March 25, 2012


We went on a little field trip today to Deep Cove. It was a beautiful sunshiny day and a great day for an outing. We had donuts at Honey's and ice cream and walked and admired the ocean all around.

No wonder it is so cold out still, look at the snow still on the mountains!

Honey's donuts and sweets, num!
The marina

The Vancouver Flea market and my granddaughter who is a vendor there.

Friday, March 23, 2012


On Wednesday Loretta, Isabelle and I went on a field trip to the North Shore using skytrain and the bus,  to browse and eat at Murchies then we went downtown Vancouver and browsed a button shop. Dressew and a neat antique store that had some antique dolls in it! it was a very fun day! Below is a display at the chocolate store, so cute!

 Isn't she a cute doll? Only 130.00 for an antique seemed like a good deal but alas she was in a case so I didn't get to see what kind of body she had etc.and I am out of dolly dollars right now anyways! But she was darling!

This was a chocolate store in Park Royal shopping Center. The shopping center itself was absolutely empty! I don't ever remember being in a mall that had so few people in it! It was very odd and quite a change from Metrotown where I usually go and it is always crowded, doesn't matter the day or time it seems.

Sunday, March 18, 2012


We celebrated our 31st Wedding Anniversary on March 13, wow where did the years go? And yes, for the curious, we did get married on Friday the was my Grandma's favorite day during her life as she was born on a Friday the 13th but in May not March. We decided a few days ago that we would go to one of our favorite places to eat to celebrate. It isn't fancy or high class or anything but it is steeped in history for me because I have been eating there since I was 2 years old. Through the years they have had different owners and even moved down the block a bit following a fire many years ago but their recipe follows where ever they go and I think they are the best fish and chip restaurant anywhere. I remember going there when I was really young, in the days when they were down the block a bit and had a counter with stools to sit on. We rarely had pop at home in those days but when we went to eat fish and chips, my mom would let me have Crush Creme Soda and there was something so special about that fizzy sweet pink pop!

So today we set off on our field trip to White Rock...our weather has been less than optimal for several years now and this year is no exception. As we headed across the Alex Fraser Bridge, snow was pelting down on the windshield. But we were on a mission and we weren't at freezing temperatures so we continued. For years Surrey has been known as "Sunny Surrey" and once we got over the bridge it was clear why as we could see the sun in the distance...that orb in the sky seemed so foreign as we rarely see it anymore. And the further we went, the sunnier it was and the ground was snow, no rain...lovely! When we arrived it was evident why Sunny Surrey is called that as the flowers are in bloom, some of the flowering trees are blooming and the weather is so much nicer than ours and we are only a half hour away!

This is Coney Island Fish and Chips...makers of the best fish and chips anywhere I think, they hand batter their cod fish and they cut all their own potatoes and make home made fries, the best fries and reminiscent of the "olden" days when these were the norm and frozen processed ones you find everywhere now were unheard of. The taste is like nothing I can explain, always fabulous and always consistently excellent.

This is what you receive when you ask for 2 pieces of cod and chips! Add malt vinegar and ketchup and it is the best tasting meal around!

Following our meal we went for a short walk along the sea wall and looked at the ocean. There were some brave little children all bundled up in their winter coats playing in the sand at water's edge. Hopefully the next outing we take to White Rock our weather will be warmer and nicer!