Friday, December 18, 2009


We have been out running around all day and I just came home and opened the mail and found I won another package of Huggies diapers.....yeah!!! Thank you for this wonderful surprise!!! I knew I had won a package from Huggies Enjoy the ride program but this was way to quick for it to have arrived as I only won it 48 hours ago on their site.....and our mail doesn't move nearly that quickly from East to West!!


One of my favorite hobbies is entering contests. I enter a lot and earlier today a courier arrived and threw a parcel on my front porch (and ran as fast as he could as he could hear the three barking dogs on the other side of the door...haha) I opened it and apparently I won a book. Of course I don't remember entering the contest to win it....but on further investigation in the mailer package, I also discovered there is a cover letter. I won this prize from The Penguin Group Canada and Chatelaine magazine. The title of the book is "This Charming Man". It is by Marion Keyes and is 885 pages long so it is a big book. I think I will wait until after Christmas to start this one!! Thanks Chatelaine!

Last week Canada Post brought me a package from a contest win also. It is from the Danone Yogurt company and is a very nice soccer ball. It seems like it is really good quality. I recently entered one of their contests also. This prize came very quickly. I haven't taken a photo of it as it doesn't have air in it yet. The kids will enjoy this in the yard come summer... Thanks to the Danone Yogurt folks for this lovely prize!

I also won a contest from Nestle Favorites Chocolate November 7 which I had hoped would arrive before Christmas but it doesn't look like that is going to happen...they are apparently backed up with their contest win send outs and are estimating mid January before it comes. Too bad on that one!!

And last but not least, I won diapers from Huggies this week playing their Enjoy the Ride instant win contest. That will probably take awhile to arrive also but we can always use diapers around here!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Header

First off before I go on with this post, Heidi.... if you are reading this, I changed the template and header picture and now the snow is falling!! Yeah!!! If anyone else wants snow to fall on their blog, please contact Heidi over at Fairy Footprints in the on Tinkerbell in my sidebar for the fastest way to get to her blog..... she always has some gorgeous headers and other things to look at there too!

Recently Loretta invited Dakotah and I to come to her house to make Christmas cards. Well, I can never go to a fellow doll lovers house without bringing a doll so I brought the one above as she is one of my favorites and for many years was my "dream" doll. Of course once that dream came true other dreams sprang into my head but they will have to wait a bit.
Just before we headed to the car to leave to go to Loretta's, the mailman pulled up out front and had my swap gift from a "secret" swap pal in one of the vintage doll clubs I belong to. I packed the box up and took it with me as it is always more fun to open presents with others. The funniest thing happened when I was at Loretta's. I went to go out to the car to get something and there on her front porch was a box and in that box was her swap gift so we got to open both of them that day. Mine is on the doll on the right side of the picture and is from Jean and Loretta's childhood doll on the left is wearing the outfit from her swap partner Betty!

Here is my "living" doll under the Christmas tree at Loretta's. You can see by her smile how happy she was to be included.

And here she is with her front of her she has a container of mini M & M's that Loretta's mother brought for her....chocolate will always bring a big smile!

Here we have Loretta, Dakotah and Susie all working hard making cards.

Susie with all her beautiful cards in front of her. We each made three. Loretta had put together all the little goodies to put onto each card in separate little bags. She is very organized.

And here is me and mine!

Once the cards were done, it was time for tea...and goodies of course...yum..yum...

And this is my buddy Kelsie who always greets me at the side gate tail a wagging and excited to see me! It was a fun way to spend the afternoon!