Saturday, June 23, 2007

I Am Not Fond Of Weekends....

Well, it is another Saturday and that means more work on the deck. Is it any wonder I am no longer fond of weekends? I sure do wish this deck project would be over but hubby has grandiose visions that involve gutting my laundry room, enclosing the area under the deck and eventually adding another badly needed washroom. I just want the deck over and done with and don't really care about any of the rest. Today I painted the concrete block retaining walls that will eventually hold this massive structure up with black tar paint. Messy work. Not terribly difficult but time consuming and not something you want to get on you as it is impossible to clean up. Hubby screwed wood with concrete anchors to the top of the retaining walls. And kicked the lawn mower around the yard a few times as it still will not start...stupid thing. Only good thing was, he couldn't get it running either so I don't feel so hopeless having not been successful at starting it all week!!

We started the morning at the bank. Hubby discovered the last three Visa payments I took to the bank for him were not posted to his account. It seems they had recorded the wrong number. Oh how I hate their "paperless" banking system. It is more headaches and problems than useful but we don't have a choice at our bank any longer and it is remaining paperless. The problem, which is a bank error, cannot be fixed until Monday as the department that deals with it is closed until then. I had all the statements that the bank had stamped as "paid" so now they have to figure out where they put the payment as it is not showing up on his bills.

Well, that is all my exciting stuff for the day...see...I am very boring!!

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