Sunday, August 26, 2007

I found a Chatty Cathy in an ad today and thought maybe I would finally find an elusive doll in the immediate area. The ad was posted way back in July but I hadn't found it before. I called the lady and she offered to send pictures...unfortunately it is a US doll with faded limbs so I won't be trekking out to the country to see the doll. Too bad, I almost thought I had something! I am getting closer, though. I also missed a huge American Girl lot awhile back. That was going for a really good price but the lady has advised she has some offers and if they fall through she will contact me. I don't think they will fall through as the resale value is too good on the stuff she has. Ah well...I keep looking.

I found a cute Baby So Beautiful doll at a thrift store today for 1.99. She is the wigged variety, not the rooted hair one so is an older doll. She is cute. She doesn't have any clothes but came with a pair of nice shoes....speaking of which...has anyone noticed the price doll shoes are going for these days? Wow, I am glad I am not looking for any. I ran across some of Apryl's ads today and her shoes are going for between eight and ten dollars plus shipping. I figure Dakotah might like the doll and the shoes were worth the 1.99 in any case...LOL

It was a dark, dreary day today. I find it hard to believe summer is almost over when it never actually arrived. We seem to have only had two seasons in the last year, winter and much for living in a place with 4 distinctive seasons. I wish we had had a nice spring. I usually really enjoy spring.

I bathed both dogs yesterday after walking them up the trails and then I brushed and combed them both. Molly is no longer speaking to me. She hid under one of the beds.. way at the back where I couldn't get her while I was bathing Max. Eventually she got curious and came out and I grabbed her and threw her in the laundry tub for her turn. She is a funny dog...more human than dog a lot of the time. She has "attitudes" and does a lot of snuffling and snorting when she is annoyed about something. And she holds a grudge...who would believe a dog would hold a grudge?? Well, any nonbelievers need to come and meet Molly. She is also on a starvation diet and refused to eat her dinner last night or tonight despite the tempting morsels of human food I added to the top as a garnish. This is too punish me, I think. She had no problem taking cookies from hubby for her breakfast this morning. She is something!!

Well...I think my book is calling my name so best to head off to my bed.

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Loretta said...

Hi Linda! I finally remembered to check back here, and you're doing a good job on your blog. I love your photos! I love blogs, so I will bookmark yours and check back often. That woman that had the humerous ebay link has over 700 comments on some of her posts! Can you imagine? She usually had 1 or 2. Maybe you will be that famous one day...I wish you luck in finding that elusive Canadian Chatty Cathy!!

BTW, that word verification thing down below is enough to blind me. It's bright red letters, slanted to the left. I can barely read it!