Friday, July 17, 2009

Queens Park Block Party

One of our local TV stations, CTV, hosted a large Block Party in our Town on Wednesday night. I took both of the kids to it and had not suspected the rest of the town would be there also as it started at 4...the line ups were incredible but we stood and were finally issued tickets for a collectible Olympic pin and a dinner sponsored by Mr. Mike's restaurant. The kids had a great time and collected their Olympic pins and went in the bounce house, got balloons etc. Then we joined another huge line for the dinner. It was very good. I had the opportunity to take Dakotah's picture with Tamara Taggart from the TV station and it was actually kind of funny as their clothing colors matched! I am having issues moving the photos...they will not move so I will leave them as they are for now and just publish as is...

the bounce house
Tamara Taggart from CTV News and Dakotah

Mayor Wayne Wright and Tamara Taggart

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