Monday, January 11, 2010


32 days until the 2010 Olympics starts here in Vancouver. I suspect in their rush for the bid, our normal weather patterns were not taken into account as we are having an "El Nino" weather pattern in these parts and the weather is downright balmy compared to the east and even areas such as Florida where it dipped to 13 degrees F in some areas last night. In sharp contrast, we are in the the 50 degree and even a bit higher range and the El Nino typical rain is falling. Not great weather for snow! The Olympic committee is quickly pointing out they are busy "making" snow for the mountains but I would think rain is not a good thing for them. In fact for the first time tonight, I heard the bits or worry creep into the voices of the people reporting on the long range forecast and the rain expected. The souvenir people are wondering if they should bring in tons of Olympic umbrellas as they are likely going to be the biggest seller during the games if the weather doesn't change (and no changes are in site). Meanwhile...I am enjoying the warm weather here. I heard on the news tonight that there are a lot of jobs out there and a ton of incentives being offered if anyone is looking for short duration employment. The photos above are a few of the Olympic freebies I have picked up lately. I won two of the Olympic toques in a contest...they really are cute. I have been getting tons of the Olympic tattoos in another contest and I got the pin at a movie I recently went to. The sponsor for the pin is Coca of the official Olympic sponsors.


Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Personally, I can't wait for the Olympics! I'll be glued to the TV. I hope they figure out a way to make good snow, but won't it be colder up in the mountains? Is that brown animal the mascot?

Loretta said... prizes, Linda! I bought a really nice mug at the Bay last week. It was only $10 and it has all 3 mascots on it. I finally know their names. Would you like to go downtown this Saturday before the mobs arrive, and visit the Happiness Cafe?