Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Well, it has been brought to my attention that I am not blogging lately....not sure what excuse to use...didn't feel like it maybe? So, to rectify and catch up, I will post a few pictures of a summer that just seem to have zipped by. I can't believe it is almost Halloween! Above is Myself, Leona and Loretta at our summer bbq.

If you come to our house, expect to work!! Just kidding...Loretta and Leona had professed a desire to use power tools so Pepa showed them how and let them learn how to work with power tools. Loretta loves that saw!

Leona under the palm tree..almost looks like she is having a holiday somewhere exotic instead of the back yard of my home on the west coast...

Helping to put the rails on the stair railing....our deck is finally complete! Yeahhhhh.....

The tables for dinner....and in the background, my Mother's Day Clock gift which I adore.

Pepa showing Leona how to use the tools.

The chef is cooking! Num...

Meanwhile at a table of their own some little Bleuette Scouts are anxiously awaiting dinner for themselves, Yvette Marie and Zoe brought their table and picnic basket to share with Madeline.

Madeline received a new sister from Hong Kong, She was very excited until she found out she has to share all her stuff with her....just kidding, she is a good sister.

August was a fun month as our little Bleuettes went to Admiral Scout camp that was organized by Admiral Claire and Tante Gael. A fun time was had by all and I will do a special post of this event one day soon...the month flew by doing camp stuff...what fun! Here Madeline shows off her uniform and badges...we now have badges the right size and need to get them cut out and put on properly!
Signaling the end to summer is always the Fair at the PNE...it means summer is nearly gone and back to school is around the corner. This year the Fair was turning 100 years old...WOW! The Province newspaper asked for submissions of your memories of the fair and I submitted two stories and was surprised when they published them both! I forgot and didn't buy the paper for the supplement however I was able to view them online on their website.

Got mini donuts??? This little llama at the local fair reacted every time anyone wiggled a mini donut bag...she had obviously sampled them at some point before..... She was very entertaining

my friend the cow at the fair.

Pepa found a new friend too...

We made a couple of trips to one of our favorite places, The Harrison Hot Springs resort. It was lovely!

The view across the lake. The weather wasn't great but the hot spring pools were awesome!

Lying in this pool at night is really relaxing. The sky is so dark you can see all the stars and constellations in the sky.

Some of the flowers around Harrison!

two of the three white dogs...one is busy checking out something else.

I took my mom out to Swiss Chalet...dinner was very good but she lives for dessert! Hence the smile on her face!

So tired she fell asleep in her dish...getting old is the pits, isn't it? I can relate...although so far I haven't fallen asleep on my dishes...

some of the flowers in my garden. They are still thriving!

My fuchsia tree did so well this year....it is a beautiful sight to behold.

My rhododendron thinks it is spring...it is blooming now in October.

My son has been doing a lot of crabbing this summer. He brought this home for his Dad the other day. I am allergic to seafood but both of them enjoy it

And that is all for now...thanks for stopping by and I will try to post more often....

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Loretta said...

Wow, you've had a wonderful summer, Linda. The weather was simply fantastic and it isn't bad today either. Here it is Oct 13 and it's so warm. I'm just loving it!