Wednesday, February 16, 2011


On Feb. 6 Dakotah turned 7...gosh the time has gone by quickly....she is so tall and is missing so many teeth now. She had two birthday parties this year because her birthday fell on Superbowl Sunday. On that day a family birthday was had at the Old Spaghetti Factory in Langley. Then this past Sunday she had her party with her friends and they all had a great time. Happy Birthday Dakotah!

 Can you tell she is mortified?  The waitresses singing Happy Birthday was not something she was happy to have happen!
 Jaime and the cake, their Mom spent most of the night before making this lovely cake for her.
                                                            The birthday girl herself.

                                             Some of the family
                                         some of the kids at the children's party
                                         Jaime at the cookie making station
                                                   One of the crafts they made was this guitar, the theme was rock stars. We helped the kids glue the strings on them with the glue gun but they choose the colors of string and decorated the rest how they wanted. Jaime loved his!
 This is one of Dakotah's oldest and dearest friends. She has known her since she was about 2. We met Ani and her mom at a playschool group and her mom and I used to sit side by side and hold the girls on our knees and do crafts with them. It was great fun. Despite the fact they go to different schools and live in different areas, they have a very strong bond still. Baby Kalani and his favorite activity(the balloons) is in the foreground.
 This was a store bought cake, there just was not enough time to organize and gather everything needed for the party for her mother to do another homemade one. this one was good too! Everyone had a lovely time and next it will be time for Jaime's, it has been hard for him to have to wait through Kalani's and now Dakotah's birthday, his turn next!

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Deanna said...

how are you? I haven't been over to see you in such a long time! I guess I haven't been over here since I stopped doing Pink Saturday.

Hope you are doing well!
Deanna :D