Sunday, March 13, 2011


On Friday March 13th, 1981 we were married in Honolulu, Hawaii. My brother and my best friend Sally signed our wedding certificate as the witness's. A reception followed at my Mom's home in Wailupe Circle. The time has sure sped by. Friday the 13th was my favorite Gramma's favorite day and 13 was her lucky number. When she died, I took over her favorite day and number. The table where the wedding cake is in the first picture was decorated with a huge plumeria lei which we strung by hand ourselves from the flowers from the trees in my Mom's back yard. I miss the heavenly smell of the plumeria's. We wore leis of Vanda Orchids and Pikake flowers in traditional Hawaiian style.


Annie said...
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Write 2 The Point said...

congratulations Linda and Pepa!!