Friday, May 6, 2011


Inspired by the awesome couponers and tips provided by very savy shoppers on the Canadian website "Smart Canucks" I headed out today to see how I could do. I have been collecting these coupons for a few weeks via Procter and Gamble, Websavers and newspaper inserts. Not everything in the pictures had a coupon for it but it was on sale. First I headed to London Drugs who allows coupon stacking and I managed to find two 3.00 coupons for the Pantene if I bought two of them and as it was on sale for 3.99 that meant each was .99. I had a buy 2 get 2 free Ceaser dog food, also on sale for .79 so I bought 4 tins for 1.58. I had 2 - 50 cent coupons for Herbal Essence shampoo so at the sale price I paid .99.

Next I headed to Walmart to try out their new coupon policy...not all there are aware but never fear, I had it printed out in my purse and produced it for the supervisor. The Dempster baguettes retailed at 3.87, I had a coupon so they were free, the Glade Sense and Spray was on sale for 6.00 but I had a coupon and it was free also, the Ziplock bags were 1.48 each but I had coupons for 4.00 off of each 2 purchases so the over amount was applied to my total (new policy) making the bags free and change left over, the ice cream was 5.67 but I had a cereal coupon for 5.00 so that was .67, The Pringles chips are on special if you buy 2, they are 3.00 but I had coupons for .50 for each tin making them 1.00 each, the Olay wipes are 2.00 but I had a coupon for 5.00 so the over amount was applied to the cart. I price matched the Herbal Essence at Walmart as London Drugs didn't have the kind I am very fond of and again I used .50 cent coupons so it was 1.50. The cereal is on sale for 2.97 but wait, there is a coupon on it to get free Activia yoghurt....the Teryaki marinade had a 3.00 off coupon if I bought 2 zip locks so the total on that was .57. The total for everything you see in the picture is 27.00 and that includes the 12% sales tax that applied to the precoupon prices of everything. I am very happy with my morning!

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Betty (picture circa 1951) said...

Good for you! You did very well. I was kind of surprised that you pay sales tax on everything. Do you mean food too or just non-food items?