Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Last Thursday night June 2, Connaught Heights neighborhood school held their annual carnival. It was a huge success thanks to the organizing skills and hard work of Nicci and James and a small handful of volunteers. Thanks goes out to our local Best Buy who not only sent some of their employees up to help man the different games stations, but they also sent the wonderful Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean look a like...gosh he was realistic!  The kids all had a wonderful time and money was raised to support the schools PAC which funds things like field trips, May Day outfits for the school representatives and buys equipment the school needs to function efficiently and make the children's school experience a better thing! I am sure you can tell by the bottom of the kids pants in the pictures it poured rain for the entire day and evening....and like Murphy's Law dictates, the sun has been shining every since....Spring arrived to the West Coast finally on Friday!!! Would have been nice had it come a day earlier but.....

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