Friday, July 1, 2011



We spent today enjoying the holiday at Burnaby Village Museum where large crowds gathered to enjoy a BBQ, celebration cakes and a very fun time. We met up with Robert and Loretta and spent some time eating lunch and visiting. Dakotah and I stayed at the park until after closing. It was her first visit and she can't wait to go back and see more on a quieter day. The museum is celebrating it's 40th birthday and has free admission this year, so we will be going back in the near future!

Loretta, Me and Dakotah

Dakotah and I

A cake artist at work piping on the cream frosting...num...strawberries and blueberries are the decorations.
We ran across an old outhouse and Dakotah had to try it out...pretend style!
Lunch, delicious bbq'd hot dogs for Dakotah and I Loretta and Robert enjoyed sandwiches they brought as they didn't want to fill up to much as they were going out to dinner.
Below are the wonderful decorated cupcakes Loretta brought and shared with us...they were a wonderful treat!
Dakotah in front of the large tables holding the Canada Day cakes

The RCMP all decked out in their red serge uniforms.
Below is the line up for the cake, by the time we came back it had more than doubled and was up and down the hill and snaked all over.
Dakotah held this really large sword which is real but not sharp and called a "practise sword"

Dakotah was very interested in how people got water from wells.

The goods in the bakery window look wonderful but they are faux!

More line ups for cake!

Dakotah and some of the other children rolled down this grassy hill to the side of the cake line up, it helped pass the time and rolling down hills never goes out of style for children it seems!

I think this car is from 1928, someone ran by and knocked over the sign with the details on it so not positive on the year.

Oh my, what a treat this was, cotton candy flavored ice cream! She said it was sooo good!

We ran across this interesting cow complete with a cow bell on our way to the gate at closing, a fun time was had by all, Happy Birthday Canada!


Loretta said...

Linda, your blog post is so interesting and I love the photos! It was a grand day; can't believe it was a whole week ago. I love your header.

Loretta said...

PS: I have to use "Google Chrome" in order to leave a comment...I wonder why blogger isn't fixed yet...

scott davidson said...

Mein computerverrückter Sohn studiert Art und zeigte mir diese Webseite Wir haben dann mal beide dort gestöbert und ich war wirklich begeistert über die grosse Auswahl von Kunstwerken. Da wir noch auf der Suche nach einem Gemälde für unseren Musikraum sind, haben wir uns dann für entschieden. Und ich denke das der französische Maler Henri Matisse mit dem Gemälde "La Dance" perfekt zu uns passt. Was für eine schöne blaue Farbe.