Sunday, November 20, 2011


On Thursday my friend Loretta and I made our annual Christmas visit to Hycroft which is run by the University Women's Club. It is an old mansion, the McRae Mansion and it sits just off Granville Street in Vancouver. I heard people talking that the man who wrote "In Flanders's Fields" was a cousin of the original owners. Every year for one weekend the house is open to the public (at a price) and they decorate and invite vendors in to sell their wares. We found the prices much higher this year and we were actually in and out quite quickly as most of the stuff being sold was jewelery or scarfs and we weren't interested in either so we looked at the decorations and then headed back to The Bay where we enjoyed a lovely lunch. We used to lunch at Hycroft however they changed caterers and moved the lunch area into a tiny, cramped corner and it wasn't nearly as inviting as it was in 2009 before they changed caterers, in 2009 when we went they sold hot lunches and had plates of Christmas goodies for sale and you could sit and enjoy a hot cup of tea with a plate of goodies. That was such fun! When I viewed the photo below, I noticed the lady in the back ground in capri's...oh was freezing outside and actually was snowing heavily when I drove home...

I just found a really neat blog that has pictures of Hycroft Manor then and now and tells some of the history of the mansion so I will add the link for those who might be interested, I thought it was pretty interesting!

 The entrance to the house
 one of the many trees they had decorated
 Aren't these flowers gorgeous? They had many arrangements in the rooms and all were gorgeous and the flowers are real!
 This is a sideboard at the side of the dining room. The theme was white and copper and there were a lot of owls in the decor.
 What a pretty little table and table setting! This was in a room off of the dining room.

 This was near the entrance to the living room where a pianist was playing seasonal songs.

 They had a spectacular Christmas village set up with a little train going all around.
If you look closely, this tree from the dining room where the theme was white and copper is decorated with owls!
 Various things for sale in the Christmas shop.

 Christmas wouldn't be complete without a Santa!
 The theme this year seemed to be Moose and RCMP and one of each was featured outside the entrance door to the house.
 Fascinator hats are making a come back with Princess Kate sporting them now and then, this booth was selling quite an assortment of them.

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