Friday, March 23, 2012


On Wednesday Loretta, Isabelle and I went on a field trip to the North Shore using skytrain and the bus,  to browse and eat at Murchies then we went downtown Vancouver and browsed a button shop. Dressew and a neat antique store that had some antique dolls in it! it was a very fun day! Below is a display at the chocolate store, so cute!

 Isn't she a cute doll? Only 130.00 for an antique seemed like a good deal but alas she was in a case so I didn't get to see what kind of body she had etc.and I am out of dolly dollars right now anyways! But she was darling!

This was a chocolate store in Park Royal shopping Center. The shopping center itself was absolutely empty! I don't ever remember being in a mall that had so few people in it! It was very odd and quite a change from Metrotown where I usually go and it is always crowded, doesn't matter the day or time it seems.

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Loretta said...

This was a fun outing, I really enjoyed it!