Sunday, April 1, 2012


We were invited to Ana's third birthday party today. She will turn 3 on April 4 and my Mom, her Gramma will turn 86 on the same day. It was a fun party and Mom enjoyed being invited and getting out of the hospital to go there. Ana's birthday had a darling Hello Kitty theme!
 The birthday girls!
 Ana wanted Gramma to wear a party hat like hers and Gramma was a good sport and wore one too!
 My Little Pony was a hit!
 The Hello Kitty Cake
 Ana's birthday bear, she liked the "Today's Your birthday" song it played much better than the traditional singing of Happy Birthday to You...LOL..and the red flashing Happy Birthday sign was another of her favorite things.
 Gramma and Ana trying to get one of her presents out of the much packaging on kids stuff these days. Ana is a girly girl and always has the cutest little outfits on!

Even better than eating the cake is making mud pie out of the left over remnants of it! It was a delicious ice cream cake!

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Nice blog. You might like this poem about life being a gift.