Friday, January 3, 2014

American Girl Isabelle

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and now I am hoping we are straight on to spring! It is no secret I am not a fan of the winter season and by now I am craving warm sunshine and flowers!

American Girl Isabelle Mini Doll:

American Girl dolls by the Mattel toy company have a special doll they call the "girl of the year" each year and for 2014  her name is Isabelle and she is a ballet dancer! A few months back she was available in her "mini" version for preorder on Amazon Canada  (they didn't show a photo, you had to order by name only because the  reveal each year is a big "event" for American girl both online at midnight central time January 1st and in their retail stores on the day of January 1st).  As I had a gift card balance just sitting on Amazon begging to be used, I ordered her!  It sounds as though all those who were fortunate to go to her unveiling in the stores had a wonderful time! Little girls in the target age group (8+) were given gift bags with a special Isabelle Tshirt and a sheet of paper dolls and there was also a craft station where they could color the outfits for the paper doll.  Today at my house, "mini" Isabelle arrived and her 6 inch self has captivated me! I really wasn't expecting to like her much as they have used the classic face mold which has been used to death and hazel eyes yet again but I found that I really do love her! In her mini version her eyes really do look hazel colored, a lot of the pictures I have seen of the 18 inch doll online have her eyes looking more green rather than hazel but mini has hazel eyes. She also has the shocking pink under hair. The full size version has a hair piece that attaches with clips to add the bright pink hair but mini Isabelle has her pink hair rooted in with her lovely blonde hair. It is very cute!

She is wearing a coral colored T-shirt with a ballerina on it, silver metallic Capri type pants and shiny gold sparkly sling back shoes! I have viewed the 18 inch Isabelle and her collection online at the American Girl website and all the ballet outfits are really darling! They have done something a little different this time around and made most of the outfits mix and match rather than full outfits...we will see how this goes as I can see where they might add up to be more costly being packaged separately but on the plus side you can buy what you like and not take home the things you don't.... I have a feeling the target age group of American Girl's audience are just going to love this doll and all of her wardrobe! She will be around until December 31, 2014 or until she is sold out. I can't wait until the Vancouver store opens in the spring so I can go and see Isabelle and all her things in person!

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Anonymous said...

Ooh I also ordered mini Isabelle and as she is my first AG product I am impressed. I will probably order one more mini as her friend. I was disappointed in that the book is so small but it has a lovely cover and may make me buy a normal size book.

Thanks for the review of Isabelle.