Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Hawaiian Luau Bleuette Style

The planets aligned and got me motivated to join a challenge on one of my Bleuette groups. Friday is the first anniversary of my Mom passing and I am feeling nostalgic as she so loved Hawaii. Many years ago a lady on the Bleuette Sewing Club named Judy F. kindly mailed me the makings for Hawaiian hula wear for my Bleuettes but alas life got in the way and the envelope got tucked away until yesterday when I decided to find it and the instructions and make my little Bleuettes their hula outfits in my Mom's memory.

My Mom never really had a doll of her very own growing up. She and her sister shared a porcelain doll for a brief time but her little sister dropped it and then it was gone sadly. Mom grew up during the depression and being one of 7 kids, there wasn't much and most of their play was outdoors making forts and building things and picking flowers and making garlands for their hair. They really didn't own toys she told me. I think perhaps that is why when I  came along she loved to buy me dolls. She enjoyed my doll hobby pretty much to the end. I would take dolls and hand made doll clothes to show her at the care facility now and then as she still enjoyed seeing them.

And now, without further adieu, here are my Bleuettes Madeline and Bella having a luau and hopefully my Mom is smiling down and watching them.....first up is Bella doing the hula with the palm my Mom bought me for Mothers Day many, many years ago in the background. It was a tiny little frond in a gallon pot when it first came here....look at it now towering over the second floor deck!

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Deanna said...

Hi Linda! It's been a long time. So sorry to hear about your sweet mother. It was such a beautiful story of her that you wrote. Hope you are doing well!