Thursday, July 12, 2007

One More Sleep!!!

Well, after all this deck work, housework and everything it is one more sleep till we head out for our weekend off. Unfortunately our weather has not been good this year...we go from extreme to extreme....2 weeks ago we were wearing jackets and drowning in rain and now we are dying in a heat wave. All the temperature records were broken today. It hasn't even been near this temperature on this date in July since 1958 and today was hotter than then in many areas. Our house feels like a blast furnace and unfortunately, where we are heading is even hotter and there is no air conditioning. That has never been a problem in the past but could be a problem this time especially as we are taking Dakotah with us. We have asked the younger son to come and water for us while we are gone. I sure hope he does as I would hate to lose all my flowers at this point. I will flood everything before we head out tomorrow and ask the older son to at least water the hanging baskets before he leaves for the weekend on Friday. He is heading south into Washington State to go crabbing with some friends. They do this every year. Oh well...I need the rest and the mini vacation so will just leave everything as wet as I can and pray they survive. I took my Mom for her groceries yesterday and packed all the heavy stuff up to her condo for her so she should be OK and not need much through the weekend. she has an electric scooter she buzzes around on and can get to the mall and the air conditioning quite easily from her place. She plans to spend the afternoon there tomorrow and have her dinner at Arby's and stick around until the temps drop a bit.
The photos I added are from two years ago when we were there...last year...(can you believe this???) I forgot the camera card in the computer and brought the camera and battery charger etc. We drove to all the nearby towns looking for a replacement card and none were to be found so no pictures from last year!!!
The first photo is of the cabin we stayed in that year (there are two hotel towers as well but we like the cabin and the dogs are allowed and can lay on the grass outside when it is hot). the second picture is of the lake. It is a huge lake. And there is a nice beach to build sand castles. The third photos is on the hotel grounds and the fourth photo is one of the many pools they have there that are filled with natural mineral water from the springs. Usually it is very warm water...I am hoping they have the temperature a little lower this time to allow for the weather conditions...but the hot tub is going to feel good on these sore and aching bones come night fall!!



Write 2 The Point said...

Gosh Linda, That place looks fabulous! I hope you are having a great time and I am sure you are as I haven't heard a peep out of you since you left. We've had a rather insane week--not a good couple of days at the Mahoneys--today was better, but you wouldn't have thought blaise or I were very loving people on thursday and friday and even saturday!
Hope your weather is giving you a bit of a break--our weather has been the most perfect I've seen in years. the only complaint is that we do need rain..we are quite behind around here.

Little zach hurt his foot the other day--not sure what he did, but he's been limping. I would have taken him to the vet, but he seems to be better today, not favoring it quite so much.

well, better let you go--I am a bit tired, finished a big story for the C/H this week...only sad thing is that one of my editors from this paper is leaving in Sept--he is my favorite.

talk to you soon,
Love, Karen

Write 2 The Point said...

welcome home linda! Glad to have you back. oh, don't be mad at me, but I tattled on you to Loretta about how much clothes you packed for FOUR days! Ha Ha
Love you,