Monday, July 23, 2007

Well, here we are at Monday again. We had hoped to get some of the deck done on the weekend but it seemed like every time we walked outside, it rained. Actually, I heard on the news this is the rainiest July in 16 years and we have now broke the record for the most consecutive days of rain in July ever...what a crumby record to have broke... in any case, back to the deck...on Saturday we persevered and stayed out in the rain laying joists. I mean really, it is one gets pneumonia in July...right?? So we slipped and slid all over the place but got a little bit done. While I wasn't holding wood up I wandered over to my poor flooded and drowned garden and pulled weeds that I swear were coming up faster than I could pull them out. Sunday we went to our favorite (tongue in cheek here) shopping location. I mean what is not to love about Sunbury Cedar and Home Depot?? I was only along for the ride and to watch the lumber while hubby was in Home Depot buying paint for my "side job". He was worried some crack head would steal it from the truck if he left it unattended. As we were in Surrey, that was probably a good guess. So I sat in the truck and and reminded myself how dumb I was not to have taken my book with me. Well, we got home and went out to work on the deck and of started to pour... We decided two days in a row was inviting a cold to come and visit so gave it up after putting up 3 ...yes 3...pieces of wood. I spent the rest of the day painting in the carport under cover. Today I finished up the rest of the painting. the sun actually came out...briefly...just long enough for me to have set up 6 pieces of 12/4's up and to get one side of each painted. I was waiting for that side to dry and was busy gathering up cans and bottles for yet another of my side jobs...recycling the bottles at the bottle depot....(doesn't pay well but better than nothing) when all of a sudden I felt water on me...yep, you guessed was raining again and this time I had all this wood set up and now it was wet with fresh paint...jeepers...I ran and grabbed a couple of tarps and covered it all up. About 10 minutes later it stopped. I am really ready to go out and do the "rain, rain, go away" dance....(and what a sight that will be, huh?) I bbq'd for dinner and while I was out there trying to keep the flames from devouring hubby's chicken, I started to pick off the dead flowers on my hanging baskets. The poor things don't have much left to them now that I have pulled all the wet, mushy, yucky messes that used to be my flowers off....sure hope the sun shines tomorrow...the weatherman has promised sun...but you know, I have given up on him, he lies....


Anonymous said...

I used to phone in the weather line, and every time it said 'snow' it never did, and every time it said 'clear' it snowed, so after a few weeks I stopped and now I refuse to listen to any weather report at all. I did laugh at your painting job, I for one would like to see that dance, you're from Hawaii, it should be fairly complex.

The Houbens are in Bronte country today, doing Bronte things in Bronte buildings and graveyards. They hike the moors and eat in pubs. Stangely, they have the same rain as us, how it covers the whole world, I'm not sure. They had to stand on the train, but were lucky to have got one due to the tracks being washed away in some places. Good luck with the deck, and may the sun come out to bless you! And if it doesn't, go to the mall and eat that popcorn.

Write 2 The Point said...

Can i come and eat the popcorn too? That sounds much better than writing or building a deck. Linda--your pictures are fabulous and I bet you are counting down the days for your next little getaway!

Love, Karen