Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Beechnut Buzz Campaign

I belong to something called the BZZZ. Recently I was invited to join a campaign for Beechnut Let's Grow Toddler food Innovation. A week or so ago (actually maybe a little more than a week ago) we received the campaign kit which included 6 boxes of toddler biter biscuits, 5 packages of yogurt berries and cherries nibbles and 6 boxes of sweet potato 7 grain nibbles crackers. The yogurt nibbles have been a real hit. The kids and their friends have enjoyed them and pop them like candy. The biter biscuits...well...not so much...apparently not much flavor there and the kids complain they are too hard. Possibly these would be more targeted for the real infant crowd. I will try and hand out some boxes to Mom's of smaller babies at tiny tot playtime this week. The 7 grain sweet potato crackers are also proving to be popular. we have handed out many of them to various children. I think we would like to try the Arrowroot cookies next time we go to the store. I am sure they would be popular and was a little disappointed we didn't get a box to sample. Also included in the kit are 5 cards that contain wildflower seeds!! This is going to be a really fun project for us as soon as the weather improves. Kids always love to plant and grow things! I have been handing out samples of product for the last week or so to various Mom's we talk to at preschool and community groups and so far the feedback from them has been quite positive! Thanks Bzzz for a great campaign that I am happy to be a part of!

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