Thursday, June 10, 2010


28 years ago right now I was a basket case about to go under anaesthetic for a c-section to deliver my first child. The years have gone so quickly and Ben is now a man whom we are very proud of. Happy Birthday Ben! And here is a few photos of his arrival into the world at Kaiser Hospital in Honolulu.

this one was in the operating room once he had been checked by the pediatricians.

This one was as we were being released from the hospital...they don't waste any time getting the bed ready for the next patient, the bed had already been stripped here and they were standing by ready to make it up...lolThis one should be up a bit further as it was shortly after he was born, I had to lay flat for 12 hours to avoid a spinal headache from the anaesthetic and this is when they finally brought him to me.

Day 4, we were released, he is drinking glucose water as that is what they gave them in those days.

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