Saturday, June 12, 2010

Same time last year...

Last year at this time, we were heading off to the happiest place on earth to celebrate my friend Loretta's last year in the fourth decade of her life. This year she turns the BIG 50....and we are all celebrating but not at such an exotic location. Here are a few photos of last years celebrations.... can you guess where we were? Pay attention to her birthday is the big hint!

The first stop on the whirlwind day was American Girl Place in The Grove in LA where we browsed dolly heaven and then ate at the cafe...Loretta's desert was served with a birthday candle and you can see she and her little companion are enthralled with it!

Next stop was the park as it was Celebration year and the Park gave Loretta a gift card equivalent to a one day admission in the park to shop...she had a lot of fun buying presents for herself! We had dinner at the Plaza Restaurant in the park. We had tried to book the Blue Bayou for dinner but alas, reservations are hard to get there and we had to put that excursion off for a day until they could fit us in. (it was worth the wait, though!!) The pin on her top is one proclaiming she is celebrating her birthday at Disneyland! They just think of all the little things that make events and occasions special!

And here are the signs and decorations up around the park proclaiming it the celebration year! I don't think we can top this day this year but we will try and have fun anyhow...after all how many times do you turn the golden age of 50? Once in a lifetime if you are lucky and fortunate to have made it this far! Happy Birthday my friend, may the next 50 years treat you as well as the first half a century!


Shelley said...

You girls have the most fun that apron......blessings

Loretta said...

Linda, I had a blast on Saturday, too! As long as I have good friends and a kind sister to give me treats, all is well! But the Disneyland trip was so special, and I'll always treasure the memory.

The Quintessential Magpie said...

Oh, what fun, Linda! You look like you had the best time from the beaming smiles. :-)

And that apron is adorable. Just as cute as can be. Happy 50th Birthday to Loretta! And Loretta, it's pretty painless after the big 5-0. I've got a few years on you and can assure you of that! ;-)


Sheila :-)

Something Special said...

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