Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Walmart is having their yearly Anniversary sale and strangely enough I haven't been near the place....today I had to spend time at my Mom's waiting for the fire alarms to be tested by the strata and I figured it was a good time to clear out the junk pile otherwise known as "my purse". I ran across several great coupons that correspond with what Walmart has on sale but as I was at the other end of town, I piled up "stacks" of coupons and took Walmart's ad over to London Drugs to price match. I price matched the Tide and the Lady Speed Stick, London Drugs had the Pantene on sale and it was a bonus bottle! I presented my ad and my stacks of coupons (love London Drugs who allows you to stack coupons as long as the coupon UPC's are different numbers) my final total for all of the above including the 12% HST tax was $5.05. I came home very pleased with myself!

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