Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Last Thursday my friend Loretta (aka Martha Stewart of the North) whom I originally met through the Internet when we both were collecting Chatty Cathy dolls had a tea. Through the years our doll collecting has morphed into "other" collections as well as our beloved Chatty's. Along the way we met another doll collector named Isabelle and she has come along with us into our new doll passion, Bleuette dolls. Last Thursday Loretta hosted us both for a Bleuette tea. As some of our Bleuette dolls are at camp on the good ship Amitie (a fun project hosted by Gael from the Bleuette sewing group on Yahoo groups), we took the opportunity to pose a few pictures so our little campers can earn their badges for their uniforms. No...we are not insane....not even close, we have just discovered that you are never too old to have a fabulous childhood and while we did have them when young, us empty nesters (well sort of...) are going back to times of old where life was slower paced and dolls were synonymous with fun times. With the Internet, we are able to access a ton of other avid collectors and we have formed online families and friends with similar passions/obsessions(?). It is such fun, if you have a hobby and would like to share, check out Yahoo groups because I just bet you will find many others, even thousands of others who share your passion for collecting and would love to come out and play with you. Thanks Loretta for hosting another fabulous event! These soiree's just get better and better!

I haven't blogged for quite some time but I had an interesting summer and will try to post a few posts regarding what I did on my summer vacation...a little hint...we joined the United Federation of Doll Clubs earlier this year and they held their annual convention in a place that was close for us to get to and also happens to be a place dear to our hearts, Anaheim California, home of Mickey, Minnie, and this year home to thousands of dolls collectors and sales people from all over the world...I will post pictures soon of that once in a lifetime event.

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Loretta said...

You are so welcome, Linda! I love your blog header; it is exquisite!