Monday, June 4, 2012


Our friend Isabelle invited Loretta and I to a Royal tea today in honor of Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee. As we live in Canada, we are a commonwealth country so we like to celebrate occasions that are celebrated in Britain! Isabelle really knows how to throw a British style tea, she and her hubby phoned to order and then drove to the British tea shop in Chilliwack, BC and bought real, authentic British tea things including Devon-shire creme for the scones, and cheese tarts and sausage rolls. Loretta made a sponge cake from scratch and put it together once we got there layering fruit and whipped creme and sprinkling on icing sugar on the top then added a darling stand up cake decorating set she had ordered from the UK. It turned out wonderful! I took Scottish shortbread and Isabelle had made a delicious square and she had cookies as well...there was sooo much food!!

Isabelle has enough memorabilia to open a British museum, everywhere we looked she had more treasures out on display! She has books and magazines and spoon collections and plate collections and wonderful china, we ate on and had tea in 1939 Royal Albert china called “Loyalty” by Royal Albert, and which was made to commemorate the visit of their Majesties, King George VI and his wife, Elizabeth in 1939.

Thanks Isabelle for being such a fabulous hostess! I had a wonderful time! I took my little Bleuette named Madeline along in her new "Royal" dress with sparkly pink crowns scattered over it, Loretta took her little resin Bleuette Robinette along with her new "Royal" dress on and they were happy to meet Isabelle's little Ada Matilda who was wearing a dress straight from England that Isabelle had a member of our Bleuette group make for her!

 Some of Isabelle's collection of magazines and books on Royalty
 Baby Diana, William and Kate and Baby William, a Royal spoon collection on the wall behind!
 Isabelle's china she has collected through the years commemorating various Royal milestones. 
 Princess Diana plate collection (if you look really carefully or bring the picture up large, you will see Isabelle's Dionne Quintuplets on the first shelf behind the glass)
 Whoops, Ada Matilda borrowed Princess Diana's crown for the occasion! But here is Princess Diana and her famous ring!
 The train on this dress goes on for several feet! It is huge!
 Baby Diana
 Baby William
 Assembling the sponge cake!
 punching out the pieces for the cake decorating set!
 TaaDaa! Loretta's Masterpiece!
 The tea table, num

 Isabelle, our gracious hostess!

The 1939 Royal Albert china!

 Loretta, Isabelle and I
 The Bleuettes clambering for a piece of cake! Loretta made the darling little British shopping bags so the girls can go shopping for treasures together!
 Isabelle's Antiques, aren't they gorgeous? The one below is stunning, I loved her gorgeous face! Look at her fox stole around her neck! I remember my Gramma having a coat with something similar on it!

 The doll room!
Isabelle's sweet little Bambino in her darling bed!
Isabelle gave us each this lovely paper doll set and the Bleuette's received a silver tea pot that was used to place seating cards!

 The Royal commemorative tea tin I took to Isabelle for hosting and hoping she didn't already own it!

Isabelle has this darling bear on her door step to welcome you to her home, we later found out her hubby Walt is the craftsman who is making these darling greeters and he has quite a little home business going as people love the Bears!

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Loretta said...

It was such a lovely tea.
I feel so British! Tee hee...everything was scrumptious. Your pictures are lovely too.