Sunday, July 1, 2012


Happy Birthday to Canada! I went to Burnaby Village Museum to celebrate Canada Day and had a lovely time! The museum has free admission all summer!

This is one of the several cakes that was served at 2:30 to the first 1500 people in the VERY long line that snaked everywhere!

One of the groups entertaining, this was a singing group and they were very nice to listen to!

Lunch time, num, bbq'd hotdogs and hamburgers were available to purchase and our hot dog was delicious!

Look very carefully...someone is standing on the fence!

 Oh my, standing on a roof, what a view!
 There was a parade and after all the people who participated gathered and there was a speech
 Out front of the museum
 The wind was blowing so hard the flag became her dress!
 A very neat looking car in the parking lot

We started with the fabulous cake and we will end with another shot! Happy Canada Day Everyone!


betty said...

Happy Birthday Canada. What a nice celebration. Even Bleuette was there! WOW!

lollyknits said...

What a beautiful celebration! Linda - I'm a new reader. Can you please tell me what the beautiful doll in the 'Header' picture is -- the one standing next to the party bag at the top of the blog? She's so lovely!