Tuesday, October 30, 2012


October has been an awful month around here with my dear Mom having had 4 more strokes, and each one leaves her more debilitated, she is stable for the moment so I thought I would quickly put up a Halloween post. Between crisis's I managed to attend a lovely Chatty Tea at my friend Loretta's (AKA Martha Stewart of the North). We had a lovely afternoon and once again she outdid herself with lovely decor, goodies and friendship.
 The table was so beautifully set!
 Loretta's Bleuettes, Zoe, Yvette Marie and Robinette were on hand and all dressed up for the occasion!
 My Chatty's joined Loretta's Chatty and her darling American Girl on the side table.
 Every picture has a story and this one is good, this is Leona, she has a darling hat on her head, blow up the picture big and you will see it better, attached to the hat is a cute tiny little doll, Leona thought Loretta had picked it up at the local dollar store...little did she know it is a hand made doll for Loretta's doll house that is very valuable....Leona was glad she hadn't sewn or stapled her onto the hat!
 This is us at the table but alas, I don't have a picture of the hostess as she took this one...she later managed to program her camera to take a photo of all of us but I don't know how to do that on my camera so no picture of the one who did all the work...sigh
 This is Loretta's Mom Susie, she is holding her very own childhood doll that now lives at Loretta's house...how neat is this? The doll looks brand new...
 The Chatty on the left is Loretta's childhood doll Catherine that she received for Christmas when she was just 4 years old! The other two girls are my girls and one was from Ebay and the other I found on Craig's list recently. I bought both from their original owners, so the pigtail is Chatty Barb and the blonde on the right is Chatty Heather in honor of their original little mama's
And here is Robert, once again he arrived home to no dinner as we got carried away and time marched on much too quickly! He is relaxing with our tea party "Queen"  Kelsie...Kelsie has her Halloween collar decoration on and is not terribly impressed by it...lol

Bella's New Apron:

This is my little Ruby Red Galleria resin Bleuette that I have named Bella. Today I made her a little apron for Halloween from an LSDS pattern at the Bleu Door pattern portal. This pattern is 1912, #33 and was quite simple to make. My concentration levels are not so good these days so simple and easy is about all I can handle. I was happy to finally be able to take a little time and sew something, I find I have missed it.

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Loretta said...

Linda, your blog looks so cute with the Halloween theme! I love Halloween but this year it seems to have snuck up on me...I love all the photos too!