Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Getting Ready for Halloween!

I see I have been very bad about blogging recently, that darned life keeps getting in the way, it is not that I have nothing to say but I just don't seem to get it said lately. Today I met Loretta at the mall and we browsed the stores and had fun looking at all kinds of neat Halloween stuff, from chocolate to aprons! We hope to get together more often in the future at the mall, we always seem to have a lot to talk about and the time goes by so quickly!
 This display reminds me of the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland, I wish I had a big enough house to do displays like this...or maybe on second thought I don't, I don't need anything else to dust! I will just trek to the stores to look!
 Darling aprons with cute sayings on them, I don't wear aprons but might just make an exception for one of these cute ones!
 Very whimsical, not sure if they are witches or pumpkins or a combination of both but they sure are cute!
 I am quite sure the picture below is of me....or not, she is smiling and that isn't me of late!

However...chocolate tends to make one smile...especially chocolate that looks like eyeballs, feeling quite ghoulish tonight I think:) The brown chocolate things are like peanut butter cups....Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory style...decadent.....don't ask how I know this....

 Rocky Mountain makes the cutest candy apples and their front window is always a joy to browse to see what new concoctions they have come up with, and today was no exception! Click on the pictures and I think they will supersize and you can see them better!

 Gobble, Gobble, it is getting close to turkey time in Canada as our Thanksgiving is October 8th this year....Rocky Mountain has designed some perfect chocolate treats to celebrate the occasion!
Ahhh....the last picture is the scariest of all....3!


Write 2 The Point said...

I have nominated you for a Liebster Award, to see what it means, check out my blogsite:

Loretta said...

Tee cute! It was a fun day. Well, getting together once a month is a beginning! Those witches sold out really quickly.