Friday, January 25, 2013


In December I participated in a challenge on the Bleuette Sewing Group on Yahoo. The challenge for December was called A is for Annabelle and was to be based on the popular and ever so cute A is for Annabelle book by Tasha Tudor. It is an alphabet book but totally based on a doll's alphabet and Grandmothers antique doll and all the things that are in grandmother's doll's trunk. The illustrations are darling.

I was totally shocked when our wonderful hostess for the challenge emailed me and told me I had won the grand prize! The grand prize was a gorgeous heirloom quality doll quilt made from reduced size blocks of all the letters in Annabelle's alphabet! The backing for the quilt is made from Tasha Tudor fabric and Annick Phillips made this wonderful prize and even signed the back!! We are just tickled pink to have won such a wonderful treasure!

Here are the girls receiving their wonderful surprise!
Here is Emmy tucked into bed for a nap with her new quilt!
 The front and back of this lovely quilt! The back of the quilt is made from Tasha Tudor fabric! 
Thanks so much Annick for such a wonderful contest and such a generous prize! I will remember this forever!


betty said...

How Exciting. I am very much a fan of Tasha Tudor and Bleuette, I knew of the challenge, but was busy working on another project (see my blog on the Tudor dolls). The quilt is beautiful and I may get some of the material and make another quilt for my Tudor dolls. Congratulations.

Loretta said...

Congrats, Linda! I just came by your blog today, Feb 9; I love your Valentine decorations on the blog!