Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Picture by Connie Zink
Connie Zink at the Land Of Oz dolls recently had a Facebook giveaway for one of her fabulous handmade Bleuette friends doll! The doll featured in this giveaway was Cherie Limoge, and she stole my heart from the first pictures Connie posted! You gained entries into the draw by liking and sharing and commenting on her posts and photos of Cherie on Facebook, on Connie's blog
and in her guest book on her website,
Isn't she just darling? Well I enter Connie's generous drawings for fabulous prizes whenever she has them and so do thousands of others! I never in a million years expected to win! With this giveaway, Cherie and her fabulous photos Connie posted kept drawing me back, and I shared and liked a lot! The draw was set to be drawn on Valentine's Day. I was browsing Facebook at the end of the day and noticed Connie's post earlier in the day that said that the draw was four hours away and I looked at the clock and thought to myself "she is drawing the name now!" A few seconds later a friend posted on Facebook that she knew Linda Pepa and it came to my email...I wondered why she had posted that so went to the post and it was Connie posting that I had WON beautiful Cherie!!! Oh my, my heart just about stopped and I couldn't believe that this gorgeous doll was coming to live with me!! I figured she would take forever to arrive but imagine my surprise when I opened the door this morning and the box from Connie was sitting on the doorstep! She mailed her priority and she came lightening fast! Thank you Canada Post!! LOLOL For once a package wasn't held forever in customs! I took a few photos of Cherie's arrival to share.
Emma Grace is so excited, she is wondering what can possibly be in this big box!
She is having a tough time getting this big bubble wrapped surprise out!
Almost out!
It's a new sister!
She is just beautiful!

Can you see her smiling? She is happy to be out of the box and into the warm house!
Thank you so much Connie for such a wonderful prize, I am just thrilled to have won and have beautiful Cherie come and live with me! I will close this post with another photo of Connie Zinks as she takes much better photos than I do and please stop by and visit her shop and see all the other beauties she has and watch for her next contest coming soon for Easter and maybe you too could win a beautiful doll by Connie Zink and Land of Oz dolls! Here is her website link again so you can go and have a look,

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Loretta said...

Wow, Linda, I can imagine how thrilled you must be and I'm so happy for you! She looks so pretty.