Monday, March 30, 2009


It is not quite raining yet but close... Jaime and I went to the bank and to Costco while Dakotah was in school earlier and it was raining there. Yesterday was a beautiful day, I even sat out on the sun deck and managed to get a bit of a burn. Today we are back to our frigid, cold, damp type of days. I wonder if spring will ever really come. I did notice some of the plants around town are starting to open and bloom. My daffodils are close also but they should be wearing jackets as it is bitter out again. The above photo is of the lovely hanging baskets in the town I live in...of course they are not up yet but I can't wait until they are. They are spectacularly gorgeous. Each year I contemplate taking the course the city offers with their gardeners but each year something comes up and I don't go. One day!



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Loretta said...

Oh Linda; you should go to the gardening course! My sister in law Margaret joined a once a month garden club up in her neck of the woods, and tonight R & I went to a free cherry blossom tutorial at Van Dusen Gardens, and I signed up to be a Cherry Scout. I love trying new things!