Tuesday, March 3, 2009


While I was in baking mode on Saturday night, I also put together a recipe for dog cookies that a friend recently shared with me...here is the story of the Dog Cookies:

Once upon a time there were three little white dogs….one day long after Christmas was over, their Mummy went off to a “Christmas Tea” at Auntie Retta’s house. We were sad to see her go and we didn’t at all like the fact she was taking a brightly wrapped package for “another” dog with her…it was bad enough for Max and Molly that their cousin Emily had come to live and they had to give up space and food to her but now Mummy was running off with presents for yet another dog…we really didn’t understand why the toy and mummy couldn't’t stay here…I mean we only have about 300 toys around here…sigh… But many hours later Mummy returned with a pretty red box and it smelled sooo good…yum yum…we could hardly wait for her to get in the door so we could see what was in that special red box. Mummy told us they were special cookies Auntie Retta made and that Kelsie had given us for Christmas…boy did we think that Kelsie was a lucky dog having a Mummy who actually cooked for her instead of ours who spends her days wiping runny noses, changing smelly diapers and yelling at fighting, whiny kids…that is in the times she isn’t sitting in the corner banging her head against the wall…we think poor Mummy must have an itchy head or something banging it on that wall all the time. Well…tonight we were lounging around the living room when we noticed a “different” smell coming from the kitchen…Mummy was cooking something and it smelled soo GOOD….about a million hours later, Mummy shut the oven door and took out the last batch of “Kelsie” cookies…we were so impressed with her and we managed to even con Uncle Ben into giving us some while Mummy was in the shower…num…num…now we don’t mind if Mummy goes and visits that “other” dog if she comes home and cooks us treats like she brought from that house!!

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Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Your Chattys look so cute dressed for St. Patrick's Day.

Oh dear...I'm a bad dog mom.