Thursday, March 19, 2009


Seattle Space Needle

I can't believe it has almost been two weeks since I last posted. Life has gotten in the way lately it seems. I have been busy with kids and spring cleaning...sort of...and I had a delightful interlude last weekend when my girlfriend Loretta and I were lucky enough to have her hubby drive us to Tacoma Washington to the first doll show we have ever attended. It was a wonderful break. We shopped at various locations in Washington State on the way down and I must say, shopping in the US is so much fun!! I found some incredible buys on children's clothing for the little guy. I was also amazed to note the recession does not seem to be prevalent in Washington state as everywhere we went we found shoppers with baskets overflowing and the stores seemed to be full of eager shoppers.

Comfort Inn Tacoma

We finally made our way to our hotel in Tacoma about 6:30 pm or so. We stayed at the Comfort Inn and we were very comfortable...LOL... It turned out to be a really nice place for a hotel break. We arrived about the time the staff was laying out cookies in the lobby for the guests. They had complimentary chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin and macadamia nut chocolate chip. Still warm from the oven...num...num...nothing like fresh baked cookies and milk!! Later that night we swam in the indoor pool. The temperature could have been a few degrees was a rather brisk swim as the water was so chilly. But that was the only complaint I could make. Breakfast was also complimentary in the morning and featured a wide array of choices from bagels, toast and muffins to cold cereal, eggs and waffles you made yourself. There was also fruit and coffee, tea and various juices available.

My buddy Loretta at the breakfast tables at the Comfort Inn

Puyallip Doll Show!
My new Chatty from the doll show all dressed up and cleaned up

Following our meal we made our way to the doll show. What a vision to many dolls all in one place. I saw a lot of the Barbie related toys I had when I was young. It was a walk down memory lane for me. I bought a few items too. The prices varied widely but I did find a Chatty to buy for a project I want to do and she was a good price.
Mitzels Restaurant
Pretty Pansies blooming outside Mitzel's Restaurant

Snow was once again in the forecast so after eating an excellent late lunch at Mitzel's, we headed back north. We stopped a couple of times along the way and I arrived home about 7:30 pm. It was a wonderful adventure shared by friends!!

Flowers blooming in Puyallup, Washington


Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

I heard you went to that show. It was a mini vacation! I didn't realize you stayed overnight. My Ginny friends talk about that show every year. Enjoy your new Chatty.

Loretta said...

Oh it was such fun! Last week at this time (10 pm) we were heading for the pool! I love mini vacations. They do me so much good, especially when shared with a friend! Hmmm...the word verification down below is "spermine". Strange...very strange...I hate these word things.