Wednesday, April 7, 2010


In 1926 Good Friday was April the second and Easter Sunday was April the fourth. That was also the year both my Mom and Dad were born. My Dad was born on Good Friday and my Mom on Easter Sunday. My Dad has been gone since 1988 but my Mom is still going strong despite many health issues the last few years and she turned 84 years old on April the fourth 2010. Which just happened to be Easter Sunday!! To celebrate we went to brunch at a local hotel and had a lovely meal. Last year my Mom was blessed with a new granddaughter, and she was born on her birthday so this year Ana turned one on April the fourth and we had a joint party! She is such a sweet and joyful baby and we all enjoy being around her so much! Happy Birthday Mom and Ana!


Loretta said...

Happy belated birthday to both of your gals! I love the photos.

Shelley said...

Happy Birthday to both your sweet girls....blessings