Wednesday, April 7, 2010


We were truly blessed with a mild was lovely with very little snow and above freezing temperatures. That being said, the Spring is another story. We have had so much rain, so many wind storms and it is downright chilly outside and very damp. The snow hills that were bare for the Olympics now have in excess of 2 feet of new powder on them, and the mountains have announced they are extending their season longer. Glad someone is happy about this turn of events!! Meanwhile the east in Ontario where they are used to cooler temperatures at this time of year, is basking in hot weather in the upper 20's Celsius. Sure wish they would send it back to me!

All this awful weather got me thinking of warmer times. Recently I bid on (Ebay of course) and received an American Girl robe from the Hilton Hotel. The seller told me they were used as a promotion for folks staying at their hotels and going to the American Girl stores. I am not sure when this was but the robe is pretty darned cute! I just had to put it on Samantha because when I was in California in 2006 and went to the American Girl store for the very first time, I bought Samantha and brought her back to our hotel room at the Anaheim Hilton hotel. Samantha thought she would hang around in her robe and look at photos of our California trip where it was not only warm but downright hot that year!

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Loretta said...

I'm sympathizing with you about the horrid damp weather! However I'm slowly getting my sewing room organized once again. I even cleaned out Matthew's 2 drawers of clothes he had forgotten about, and gave them to him last night! I feel good about that. I was so chilly today I crawled into bed for a mini nap in the afternoon! Samantha's new little coat.