Thursday, April 8, 2010


About two years ago, we tore down our deck as it was rotten and needed to be replaced. We framed it and built it ourselves and then had a company in to lay a vinyl floor. It was lovely. However, since then due to one thing or another, we haven't put the railings up. Despite our recent inclement weather, we decided this is the year the deck is going to be finished. So, after many trips to the home improvement store and the lumber yard, we began. We are now 3/4 done. The front is done, the one side is done and the area around the stairs is done. All that remains is one side and the railings down the stairs. It is looking quite lovely! Now if the sun would shine or at least the rain and wind stop, maybe we could get the last side completed but here are pictures of the progress so far!


Shelley said...

What a wonderful place it will be to relax....very nice...blessings

Loretta said...

It looks simply wonderful, Linda; and I'm so looking forward to a BBQ on it!