Sunday, May 2, 2010


My name is Linda and I am a BZZZZZZ Agent...really truly....I know a lot of you are laughing and saying "she's WHAT"??? What kind of agent??? Well I am a Bzzz agent, and I have been for quite sometime now. Bzzz is a leading company that focus's on spreading product info by word of mouth. You to can become a Bzz agent and participate in various campaigns if you go here and sign up

I have been included in two recent fabulous campaigns that I am going to talk about today. First I was sent this lovely bottle of Palmolive Aroma Sensations dish soap. Now I have to be very honest here and say that the scent they sent me is fresh green apple and much as I love apples, I have an aversion to anything apple flavored, be it shampoo, room freshener or....drum soap. So it took me a few days to try this out. I finally bit the bullet so to speak and liberally poured it into my sink and turned on the hot water fully prepared to gag. And was pleasantly surprised. The apple is not over powering and has a very pleasant smell! Once over that initial hurdle I tried it out on my dishes and have found it is excellent. It cleans the greasiest pans and dishes with no residue left, it bubbles up like no other dish soap I have used in recent times and a tiny bit goes a long ways!! I give this product a two thumbs up! It is great and I would not only recommend it but I would buy it again and even in green apple scent. I quite like it!!

My next product received is Nabob coffee. They sent me two tins. One is Breakfast and one is Full City Metropolis. Nabob coffee is rainforest certified and belongs to the Rainforest Alliance. The contents of each tin have more than 60% rainforest certified coffee beans! Even the canister it comes in is made from 100% recycled material! This is a wonderful company doing their part to ensure the planet is in good shape for the next generation! The coffee itself is great and we would highly recommend either choice. Full City Metropolis is their darkest roasted coffee with a full bodied robust flavor, perfect for even the most picky coffee drinker in your midst! And a great wake up coffee to get you going in the morning! The Breakfast coffee is a lighter bodied coffee with bright citrus notes and great if you don't want that strong and heavier type of coffee... so there was something for every taste in this wonderful Bzz kit. Both coffees smell great perking! Thanks for letting us try these great products and you can bet we will be heading to the store to stock up on more! Two thumbs up for Nabob too!

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