Monday, May 17, 2010

Old Pictures

I am in the middle of a big son who hasn't lived here for years, has all his "stuff" still here and as we are running out of room around here, it is time for him to take it or dispose of it or I began in a room that has me amazed at how much stuff he had stuffed away in there...while bagging, boxing etc, I ran across a few old pictures.
The first photo is me as a flower girl. I was the youngest girl on my Dad's side of the family and was a flower girl a remarkable three time in about a year and a half. I am not sure of the year of this photo but I must have been seven or eight as my "big" teeth are in. My cousin Sandi got married to Phil. Sadly both have since passed away. My Mom is on the far right and I am the flower girl!
The next photo is of our backyard when we lived in Hawaii. If you look really close, I am floating around that pool. And the bottom photo is of our breakfast nook at my Mom's house in Hawaii. Once again I am taking pictures of pictures so the quality isn't all that great!

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Loretta said...

Linda, you are so cute in this photo! Do you ever notice how shapely the women's legs are in all the old photos from back then? And their bare arms are also shapely; they don't look in the least like sausages like mine do! I love the photos of Hawaii. You lucky girl...