Thursday, February 26, 2009


Well, technically it is now Thursday but I decided Wednesday should be called white Wednesday because much to my amazement, after a drive of about 30 minutes or a little longer on the freeway, I found myself engulfed in a blizzard...yet again... those who know me know my irrational fear of being anywhere in a vehicle in the snow. Needless to say I headed home in a real hurry and cut my appointment short. When I had left home it was pouring rain, which is typical for here. The weatherman said there could be flurries in the evening at higher elevations...I was a sea level near the beach and it was 1 pm.... so how exactly that is a higher elevation is beyond me and it was certainly nowhere near evening. I think we need new weather people in these parts...or maybe just new weather!! The good news is the salt truck just salted our hill so there is a chance we will not be house bound is still lightly snowing outside and hopefully it will stay just lightly snowing and not escalate as soon as I turn out the lights!

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