Sunday, February 1, 2009


Well here we are at Sunday night again and I am wondering where the weekend went to. Thanks for the compliments given on Dakotah. She went home about 1 today as I had to take my Mom on one of her Walmart shopping excursions. We go every couple of weeks so she can stock up on stuff that is way too expensive at Safeway. Somehow every time we make plans to go somewhere, the snow starts and today was no exception. We did our shopping trip and went and got a bite to eat. The highlight of her going out for dinner is the dessert and apparently the place we usually go to, White Spot, has decided in all their wisdom to no longer serve pie. This distressed her to no end. I was meanwhile watching outside as once again cars were zipping by with a fair amount of snow on their roofs. Luckily we completed our trip and the roads remained clear. She talked me into a pit stop at IHOP who does still have her lemon pie! I got home and was advised Dakotah had called to see if I was done shopping yet...haha...she sure does keep a tight rein on me! Hopefully the snow will turn to rain overnight so we can be somewhat mobile this week.

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