Thursday, February 5, 2009


One more sleep till Dakotah turns 5. Wow...5...I remember holding her in the hospital while they did her blood tests when she was born and it seems like yesterday. It is hard to believe it is almost 5 years. Five years ago right now I was busy sewing a doll dress. My Mom was in hospital. About 12:30 am I got the call that Nicci was in hospital and Dakotah was about to be born. After she was born, James wanted to take Dakotah to see my Mom who was in the same hospital but it wasn't allowed as there were too many bugs floating around the med/surg floors so early the next morning James went to the area Mom was in and got a wheelchair and took her for a ride to maternity. Boy was she surprised.....the baby and Nicci were in the hospital for several days so Mom spent a lot of time on maternity getting to know her new little great granddaughter. I spent a lot of time there also and eventually drove them all home from the hospital. And now I have been baking cupcakes for her to share at preschool tomorrow. Time sure does fly by.

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