Thursday, August 13, 2009

White Rock

The beach with Marine Drive residences in the background.

The beach at White Rock looking towards the pier. The tide was out and there was miles of sand. The dogs would have loved it but they are not allowed on the beach until the end of September. The houses in the next two photos are the view from the beach looking back across the street. The street is Marine Drive. When I was a little girl we had a summer cottage one street up from Marine Drive. The townhouses and multiplex dwellings were not there then. The fish and chip restaurants were, though. The one we visit is called Coney Island. I have been eating there since i was less than two years old. The ownership has changed many times, one time it burnt down and was rebuilt, but still it survives and still we visit whenever we are in White Rock.

Me with the ocean and sandbars in the background. There were a few folks out by the water but not many. I think White Rock and their warmer temperatures is a closely guarded secret...shhhh.... I know when I lived in the area for many years it was a lot warmer, got little if any snow, many more hours of sunshine a year and rarely any fog.

These gorgeous flowers are on the pathway leading down to the beach! I am not sure what they are but they sure are pretty!

If you look really closely, you will see the "white rock" in the back right of the photo...this is the rock the beach was named for. Also, when I was a teenager, on grad night grad students from other schools would come and put graffiti all over the white rock and it was up to our schools graduating class to go down and paint over it all!!

From Wikipedia, here is the legend of the White Rock... (,_British_Columbia

"The white rock in White Rock
The large, white rock figures prominently in narratives of the local Coast Salish native peoples. One legend holds that the Transformers, emissaries of the Sagalie Tyee, the Creator, once passed. Another legend holds that the white rock marks the landing spot of a stone that was hurled across the Strait of Georgia by a young Indian chief. It was said that he and his bride would move from Vancouver Island to wherever the rock landed to make a home together. It was their descendants who became the Semiahmoo first nation. ('Semiahmoo' is the Coast Salish word for 'half-moon', describing the shape of the bay.) "

"White Rock is named for a distinctive large white boulder found on its beach near the promenade: a glacial erratic that migrated south during the last glaciation. The 486-ton granite boulder was kept white by shellfish-eating seabirds, whose guano covered the rock, so much so that sailors in the 19th century used it as a beacon. However, it now remains white through frequent applications of white paint by the city parks department, as it has been a popular graffiti target for over thirty years."

This would be me with the ocean in the background. I love the ocean!

A seagull caught in mid flight. There are tons of seagulls there as across the street from the beach is a row of fish and chip restaurants (yummy) and a lot of folks buy their food and bring them to the picnic tables overlooking the beach. The seagulls then harass them for their food!

The picture above is a view from the Winfall prize home we had gone to view in the White Rock area. We love looking at these hospital lottery prize homes and go to quite a few of them each year.

It is hard to believe we are almost half way through August...well the 13th is close to half way through! Summer seems to be galloping to a close. We had some very hot weather for these parts, broke a few records, but are back to our usual cool weather and showers now. I am hoping summer is not over yet. I was listening to one of the US TV stations earlier and they said it will be going back up to the 80's in the Seattle area next week. Fingers crossed that includes us as well. We have been doing some of the outdoor work lately. Actually I have been watching kids but hubby has been working outside. He has put in the stairs to the sundeck and the stairs down the side of the house. Both are big improvements. Now if he could just get to the railings. It seems it is hard to get quotes...two companies have not shown up for scheduled appointments to give an estimate this week.
We took a trip down to White Rock beach on Sunday. It was not very nice in town but was lovely down there. The sun was out and the ocean water was even warm! I could have spent the day had I thought to wear lighter clothing.

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Loretta said...

Linda, it's great to see you blogging again! I love all your photos. I love the ocean too. I've only been to the ocean twice this summer. Sigh. The days are speeding past.